★ Energy Work and Classes for Your Business Protection

★ Energy Work and Classes for Your Business Protection

Are you running your own business, self-employed or thinking of leaving your job?

There is a tons of information of how to develop your business by making websites, networking, promotions, using social medias and PR, but not many business people really have an idea on how to deal and protect their businesses from the energetic aspect.

Our school often runs programmes for people who want to develop their skills, make changes in life, solve issues at a personal level, but there are some business people coming to see us for  how to deal with their business development from the energetic aspects.

If your business or personal life is stumbled, you may not be doing a right promotion or you may not be in a right business field, or you may need to get some skills and qualifications. Or you don’t have enough trust from other people or you may not be honest without a professional integrity.

Even if these are handled well and your business is still falling apart or there is a symptom like stuck or illness, there are couple of other reasons you need to think and deal with it, which is the energetic aspect of your business side and your mind.

Any business is influenced by your energy and others. Sometimes you and your business get attacked energetically, even worse, casted spells and curses, further more, black magicked. Things get complicated over money, sex, love, security issues which are critical human needs.

If you don’t know how to deal with these energies and protect you and your business, you would lose the battles. You cannot just depend on tangible business campaigns to promote your business and expect steady revenue coming in. Lawyers can help you legally but they cannot sort out karmic and energetic issues, and even if you win the court case, there may be a heavy karmic debris which you have to still deal with in the future, which means there will be other troubles  and issues left for the future for you to deal with. Do you want to repeat the same cycle?

We offer the tailor-made package for business owners and you can learn how to protect you and your business, and prosper.

There are certain things you need to know and learn, so the standard flow is below.

Different people have different issues, so if you have a physical or mental symptoms already, first step is recommended to book an Initial psychic consultation and assessment.

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