★Feb 4th Mon Night – New Moon Angelic & Galactic Temple Work

★Feb 4th Mon Night – New Moon Angelic & Galactic Temple Work

Feb 4th is a very powerful day as it is a new moon day and also the first day of the spring.

How much do you want to make a change in your life by actually taking actions, not only thinking?

What level of permission you give to yourself to move on in life to be truly happy, content and authentic?

On this day, we will conduct a rare and special angelic Galactic  Temple work to call down the angelic realm and the Galactic energy for us to raise our vibration, manifest our divinity and become a creator of your own life.

Kei has the dual nature as a bridge to connect the angelic and Galactic realms with this earth dimension to support you and manifest your divinity as a gate keeper.


<Outline of the event – planned – please note it may get customised depends on the participants’ energies.>

– open up the angelic gateway
– download and receive the energy from the Hierarchy of Light and  the Galactic Universe
– remove old patterns, contracts
– download the energy for this year
– receive messages from the Hierarchy of Light and  the Galactic Universe
– specific meditation, guided meditation
– timeline work (NLP, Hypno) for a future pace, manifestation.
Time and Date:  Feb 4th Mon, 19:20 – 20:40
Location: 27 Endell st Covent Garden, WC2H 9BA
In prior: please read. 
– Since it is a very high vibrational energy work, it is recommended for you to receive the following in advance (as the temple work is not a teaching session and a class, you need to have a prior and proper knowledge and skills to manage your energy, especially the class 1.
– People feel dizzy or unwell when they are exposed to the high vibrational energy and it happened before, that is why you need to learn the energy management in prior. If you attend this temple work, we understand that  you understand this point and agreed to  take a responsibility with your own energy. If you feel dizzy or unwell during the temple work, you can sit outside of the temple and take a rest. 
–  26 DNA Activation – private session
Paritipation fee:
special new year Early bird offer  (Full price is 180 pounds by door by cash only, if a seat is available).
– Limited attendance up to 15 people.
Deadline: Feb 4th Mon 16:00
– Payment link for people who attend Feb 4th and who attended the class 1 before.
Please note
– Please arrive 5 min before to start on time.
– Please wear something white as much as possible. 
– Once you are booked, it is non refundable.
– Please note if you are late, door will be closed so you cannot get in.
– For late arrival and no show, there is no refund.