★Feb Newsletter – Emotional Pain, Psychic Attack Protection, Talking therapy and more


How have you been?

Unwanted surprises? 
Triggered? Hurt?

In Jan, the Sat and Pluto positioning was giving a real difficult situation and unfortunately, its post effect is not finishing yet. Lots of people have difficult time after the holiday, and they have to really face the unwanted or supressed realities. 

This year’s energy is really strong to push you even further to create a reality to become you by releasing
– finished energies
– finished learning
– ending any friendship/relationship/job, etc. which is not serving you for your highest good. 

And now, good news is Leo full moon is coming up! Yeah!, but it can be a real challenge, Sorry!
Then Mercury will retrograde from 18th till mid March, which means you need to be really careful what you say, how you say, as well as  dealing with any transportation delay, etc. Have plenty of time to go from A to B in this period.

So, what is the main theme we have to deal with now?

We will release this ‘theme’ and energy a lot on Feb 10th’s full moon meditation and detox event and remote session on 20th, or at your preferred private session. Come along as much as possible to release and get help. It’s related to this, below. 

★ ‘Giving away your power? What are you really telling your unconscious mind? 

I tell my students that even after 15 years I still work on my shadow aspect and do any necessary healing regularly on me, and I monitor my emotions and thoughts. Everyone has a shadow aspect as well as a positive aspect. Shadow aspect is really deep, operating in the background, and if you don’t work on yourself, it will stay there and keep bothering you as a trouble. Can you release something by one session? Yeah, but we have plenty of others unfortunately. If you are dealing with the tip of the iceberg only, your life would not turn around.  

As you know people come and go especially in the city like London. I noticed… I had a good friendship with a guy from the West Coast in the US I met 20 years ago, but with time, it died down but I kept a friendship. I had uni friends I met in London in 2008 but again the friendship died down as they went back to their own countries and again I kept it. Then, here comes a trouble. I had a fairly good friendship with a couple of people I met about some years ago but something happened, and I had to let them go quietly but they didn’t like it… there was a sign of psychic attack whilst on the surface level there was no major arguments or anything going on.  

Usually when I have a psychic attack, there is a clear sign and it gives me a red flag.
If any trouble or emotional trigger happens, I don’t get reactive as I know it would not help even though I feel anger or sadness, etc. .I use the class 2’s technique all the time and guess what I found?

All the above people had a common pattern in how they are presenting themselves to others/me, and I finally realized that I have been giving away my power, wow! I wasn’t aware for such a long time. I was feeding the energy, giving away my energy. Further more, I noticed I had even experienced the very similar situation back in 2009 with someone else, very popular girl, but the process wasn’t finishing yet, surprisingly. This is part of the ‘up-spiral’ ascension pattern as mentioned in the previous newsletter. Process will continue until you completely notice at the deeper level, and let go the pattern. I was giving a certain unhelpful message to my unconscious mind, and it was not good! Noticing itself was very painful. But it is better to notice otherwise, I would repeat the pattern! 

It is being rectified within me now so I’m on the way of transforming my reality. If you change your energy within you, you would become a different person with a different vibration.

Everything is energy. Once the energy is finished, you cannot be with a person even if you were friends each other and it is time to move on. 

Some people say ‘Oh, I release that xx energy by tapping, so I am ok’. It does not work that way quite often.

Some other people blame others if something happens. But if something you don’t like happens, it is nothing random, as you need to notice about something related to you and make a change about you, not others. This change process would not happen over night unless you maybe face to your death and had a dramatic realization. It is easier to blame others, not facing your dark aspect. 

You need to understand your deep cause and patterns you don’t really recognise at the superficial level. You need a deeper psychological work to change your vibration.

Come and experience to release unwanted energies on Feb 10th’s full moon meditation,  or properly learn how to do from the deeper cause at the class 2.

★ Psychic Attack Protection Workshop
Some people don’t believe in the dark force or psychic attack. Then why there are wars? Why do people fight and stab others? This is not coming from the light. 

Unfortunately psychic attack or energetic control happens in our day-to-day life. You need to learn the signs and prevent it. Otherwise, it will drain your energy and can cause further damage. 

You can book this workshop anytime you want. In the energetic world, this is fairly a common thing unfortunately and people often send out very aggressive energies even if they are not aware of it in the middle of heightened emotions they feel. 

It’s an essential skill to learn for anyone sensitive or Empath. Or dealing with lots of dramatic people. 

Further details -> please visit the website and book it by email. 

★ ‘Why Is He Blowing Hot and Cold?’ 
I offer many psychic readings and many girls/(guys) ask me questions like
– ‘Why is he blowing hot and cold?’
– ‘Is my ex coming back to me?’ 

In many cases, guidance coming down is not favourable and in many cases they need to learn stop chasing after emotionally unavailable men/women, communicate,  and maybe need to move on in life. But if you are so emotionally attached, it is difficult to cut the tie and move on, isn’t it? 

At this Venus energy period, it is a good time how to find a good love, date or partner and have a happier and loving relationship, or even a single life until you meet ‘the ONE’. 

Complicated love life can consume and drain your energy and you cannot manifest what you want in life. To manifest your ideal love life, you can find support and more information from here. Lots of energy work is included. 


★ Starseed or Galactic soul – Time to Wake Up and Serve. 
If you are attracted to the idea of Starseed or Galactic soul, have a look at the Galactic Awakening course. You can start anytime you want. 

★Quantum Psychosomatic Emotion Detox Session
This quantum psychosomatic session works on you 360 degree (mind, emotions and body), including this life and past life. After detoxing, you will have time to restructure your energy. 

Vibrational and psychological work is like a very new concept I think but it is essential. That’s why in this session, it is integrated. It works on the vibrational level and you may not even realise how it is working ( I do a lot of ‘energetic art’ of therapies even while we are talking during a session, and it is not just talking). One student said the other day, somehow his resistance in life was gone after a couple of days. That’s the beauty of this work. 

For further information, you can find it from the link below.


Have a good week, and look forward to seeing you soon. Feel free to use the offers below. 

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