★April 8th – Free ANTI-CORONA Protection REMOTE GROUP SESSION – FOR Frontline Medical Professionals Only this time

Free ANTI-CORONA Protection REMOTE GROUP SESSION – FOR Frontline medical professionals only this time – ON April 8th Wed. 

Last time on March 20th, free anti-Corona protection was offered to anyone, and it was sent to all the people who requested it.

This time, free anti-Corona protection session is offered to the hard-working and over stretched medical professionals such as GPs, nurses, admin staff, receptionishsts at hospitals.

So, I would like you to cooperate here if possible to send me the information of your friends or family who are tackling the virus everyday at the hospitals to protect them. You can send up to 4 people’s information with their agreements, such as their full names and birthday, nothing else. (If anyone had a anti-Corona protection before, he or she is not applicable).

In order to send the protection to many medical professionals, this time I would limit up to 150 people in total this time. If it goes over the limit, you will be notified by email and on this webpage. Otherwise, the automatic email reply tells you that the protection will be sent to them.

Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

If anyone you know hasn’t watched my video of how to protect you from Corona virus, they can watch it from here and have a guided-protection meditation for them.



Please note:
-This protection is the energetic protection as a prevention, and it does not guarantee you would not contract the virus. So, please take any possible precautions and actions such as washing your hands and mouth, avoid people coughing, keeping your immune system strong, etc. Staying home is vital.
– Please note individual questions will not be answered so if interested in, please sign up and you will receive the protection. There will be no post-feedback, replies to individual questions, etc. Thank you for signing up in advance. 
– Please forward this message to your loved ones, More is better to stop spreading the virus.

Details are
Time and Date: 2020, April 8th Wed Full moon day. 5:30am UK time (13:30 Japan time) to start for individual person to protect, until it finishes. one by one.
Deadline: April 8th Wed 2am (Japan 10am), or when it reaches to the limit.

Format: It’s a remote session and you can be anywhere.  

What is included in this free session: 
– Anti-virus protection: multiple protections.
* In order to reach out as many as possible, session is much more simple now but I will work on each person individually.

How to Sign up – Please email us their full name with their birthday.  

During the sessionplease let them know.
– You can be anywhere, office, working, home, sleeping, eating, shopping, etc.. However, just in case, please avoid driving a car and using a heavy machinery and such. 
– Please just intend to receive this session. 
– Please forward this message to others, More is better to stop spreading the virus. 

If you want to get over challenges, there are free 3 videos available. Whole contents will be podcasted by the radio station next week. Details will follow but you can watch videos from the school website,


Looking forward to hearing from you soon and have a good day.

Thank you.


Galactic Federation Lightworker School