★Free Covid-19 Home Testing Kit (PCR Test) from NHS



If you have a symptom, you can order a free Covid-19 home testing kit (PCR test) online. In my case, it was delivered next day, and the result came back as negative in 3 nights. Very quick.

Even if you are Covid positive, somehow symptoms don’t appear, so this is a reason why you need to be away from other people with social distancing and wear a mask, as you may contract other people, and therefore you need to be careful for other’s well-beings as a responsibility.

It is a swab test and you just need to follow the simple protocol. You need to check important matters.

  • Check what time is the collection time for the kit at the specified ”Priority Postbox” near you after you take a test. Test is time sensitive, and it is recommended to take a test about 1h before you intend to post it (don’t miss posting it within the same day).
  • You need to find where your tonsils are in your mouth, not touching any other parts (ask your family or friends, or even check the youtube about the tonsil location).

Once you order a kit, NHS will send you a link of how to do a home test in a video so watch it before you take a test.

Some people say PCR-test is not really accurate and it can come back as a false positive. However, so far, none of my clients reported positive after taking a PCR test.

You can arrange to receive a free Covid-19 test home kit from the government, at least 14-10 days before of your face to face session from this link,