★Galactic Wave – April 5th offer, 8th Intro to Energy Healing, 19th Scorpio Full Moon & Christ Consciousness Transmission, GALACTIC DNA Activation.

How are you?

On the Vernal Equinox day, officially the spring has started with the Libra full moon energy and the Aries energy, fire. Galactic power is very strong now and I personally had the most fantastic dream last night after some galactic DNA strands activations. Vibration is really high and subtle but in terms of the energy, experiencing is the best as it is beyond words.

When I received the Galactic DNA Activation, that is back in 2007 by the old protocol, and I received the further galactic activation. At that time, I had no idea of what it is except what it was literally explained in this dimensional term. However, after 12 years now, I fully understand it was meant to be and I did a right choice to have followed my heart. In this dimension, we often make a decision based on ‘what we think is right’, rather than ‘how you are called for what.’

It is beyond your human cognitions, external shapes, colours, size, social norms, the energy is everything.  

Entender? 🙂

Listen to your SPIRIT heart more and more,  and you wont get lost.

April is coming up so some new energies are available in the next month.

Have a good week!



★April 8th Mon – Introduction to the Energy Healing and Psychic Healing 1

Are you curious about the energy healing and or psychic healing?
Would you be interested in brushing up your healing skills by understanding the critical essences of healing?

More and more people are awakening in this ascension time and they are interested in
– What is a healing and energy?
– How can I heal myself?
– How can I become a healer, psychic healer or therapy practitioner?
– How would I make a transition from my current career to the holistic path?
– Am I going to be able to make a living out of this and leave a current job?

For further information of this workshop, please click here.

★April 19th – Good Friday – Jesus Christ Consciousness Transmission and Scorpio Full Moon Energy Work. 
ーIn April, Easter is coming and that time has the strong consciousness of Jesus Christ. On 19th, there are two special energy work offered for you in a day time and in the early evening. For further information, please click on the link below.

★  19th Fri – 12-:00 – Undesirable Cord Cutting, Jesus Christ Consciousness transmission, Scorpio Full Moon Guided Meditation & Galactic Light Transmission.  @ Covent Garden
– This day time energy work includes sexual cord cutting or unwanted negative cord cutting in the part one. If you have had issues with other people, your ex-partners, friends, colleagues, etc, you can attend this one and re-claim your power back into your energetic fields.

★19th  18:30 – Full Moon Galactic Light & Christ Consciousness Transmission  by Remote Group Session including the Crown Chakra Healing. 
– This is the remote session and it offers not only the regular galactic transmission but also the Crown chakra clearing and the Christ Concisouness transmission at the same time as a special work. It is a remote session so you can be anywhere you want, somewhere private is desirable but as far as you are not driving a car and using a machinery, it is fine.

★ April  5th Fri 12:15 –13:25 Special Offer 
Would you like to clean up your energies?
Negative cord cutting and Aura healing special offer by the school  therapist at Bond st. (non-refundable 20 pounds. Please contact us for booking).

Galactic DNA strands activation  
-Galactic DNA strands Activation together with the standard 26/40 DNA Activation,  or the standard DNA activation

For further details 

May 3rdi  psychic reading offer. 12:00 – 12:40      –  special offer
Psychic reading special offer by our psychic initiates   at non-refundable 15 pounds at Bond st. Please contact us.  You can have 2 x 17-20 min readings. Kei will be there on site too

★26 or 40 DNA Activation
Have a look at the following sessions and activate or upgrade your core and divine energy for  the new year as your divine life creator. You are the director of your own life, isn’t it? If not, activate this energy and change your life.

– 26DNA or 40 DNA Activation  –  face to face session only
– Class 1 – protection and energy management  – online or face to face.

Life Consultation You can book a Psychic Reading

How to book our session  – please check our Contact page and send us an email.