★NEW! – Galactic Healing and Activation!

In the midst of the ascension process, our life style has been changed significantly and our future is changing as well.

We are receiving more galactic transmission and also the galactic presence is increasing further. The structure of this dimension is gradually shifting to go along with the Galactic energy, and we human’s energetic structure is also needed to be shifting with it.

Adam Kadmon 2 / 8th Dimensional Galactic Transformational Healing was downloaded 8 years ago and various people have received it. This is the galactic energy coming from the 8th dimension there and supports us to cultivate the god consciousness in the physical body. This healing is transformational as it heals your energy, memories, trauma, etc. which happened even before you were born as a human and when you were a spirit in the universe or a be-ing in other dimensions. This helps you to remove all the veils and blockages and supports awaken you to remember who you are and shift your journey to the one supposed to be .

In Addition to the Galactic healing, as of September 2020, Galactic Energy Activation has come down from the 8th Galactic dimension. This is to support your awakening as a galactic-being or as a starseed and for you to perform your missions and life purposes as a galactic-being or a starseed. If you are none of these, you will be still supported to awaken as who you are and to perform what you want to achieve in your life as your spirit wishes.

Currently, you can have the galactic session as follows either as a group remote session or a private one to one session. For further information, please find the details from the links below.

For further information, please visit the website from here.