Mar 13th Wed – Online and Live Anxiety & Stress Reduction Guided Meditation & group coaching session by Zoom attendance

This is a live and online guided  Meditation. Please see below and book online to join us.
–  Please note that this is not face to face.
–  Anyone can attend.

Would you like to gain peace of mind and tranquillity further and have a happier life?

Our life can be fantastic with lots of various opportunities in the fast pace modern life whilst some of us may suffer from anxiety and stress related to work, career, relationship, income, etc.

This is your opportunity for you to join the online guided meditation and group coaching session to gain peace of mind and feel the benefits of its emotional state.

Anyone can join this anytime from anywhere so this is very handy for anyone. You will be muted to join or leave this anytime so it will not affect the process of the guided meditation and coaching group session even if you are late or leave early.

At the coaching session – focus will be on how to reduce stress and anxiety. Medication and GP consultation is great to have as a support but if you are in that mental and emotional state for long time you may want to ask a question to yourself how can you do things better to make a change?

If you are interested in the face to face group meditation and energy session, please check our psychic and awareness group event or what on page, and you can join other events.


Meditation and Connection  Outline

  • Brief talk about stress and anxiety
  • Anxiety and Stress Reduction Guided Meditation (about 20-30min) – will work on a specific vibration/emotion
    • Our meditation offers the energetic work on your psychology and emotions by a guided meditation. Let go unwanted patterns, thoughts and emotions.
    • Negative energy and emotion release with Sound Healing (back ground sound)
    • Regain your power, control, and repair/upgrade your self-image and your self-esteem.
    • Self-development
  • Short group coaching session (about 20 min)- how would you like to ease your condition or symptoms and move on in life?
  • short QA time, if time allows.

Time and Date: 
1) For the online group meditation – Wed Mar 13th, 2019, 22:00 -22:30(30 min)
2) For the online group coaching – Wed Mar 13th, 2019, 22:35 -23:15(40 min)

*Important – Before signing up, please visit the coaching website and understand how it works. 

Location:Online by Zoom. 

  • Booking and Payment (Early Bird is available)
    – Please pay from the PayPal link below. You can attend both or either one of them.
    – Early Bird available. On the online meditation day, it will be 30 pounds to join.
    – Please note there will be no refund and no transfer to the next event and such unless we cancel the event.
  • Deadline for online booking:  Wed Mar 13th 16:00.


  • Payment Link

  • 1) for Online meditation


2) for online group coaching 

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  • After boking
    • you will receive an email from us in prior, 2-3 days before of this event, and please download the free Zoom app in advance to attend.
    • On the day, please find a quiet place and join us online.