★Important Month with 2 Eclipse in the Leo Month – 7th and 21st – Remote  Full Moon, New Moon, Eclipse Galactic Light Transmission, Reiki seminar, more


How are you?

What is going on in the planets and how is it influencing us?

As some of you may be aware, Aug has 2 powerful Eclipse and also Mercury will start retrograding soon. Whatever the important communication it is, it is better to be expressed before Aug 7th and 12th, as Mercury retrograde would not finish till Sep 4th.

Where is your psychology, consciousness?
We are in the process of becoming our Devine True-self but in the process, sometimes it can be very challenging as you need to shed off some dark patterns within you, which you may not even aware of them.

If you work on your psychology and emotional residues to heal your wounds and release, you are good as you will get there one day and enjoy happiness.

However, if you think you have no issues at all, and you are nothing wrong with you and blame others all the time if things happens, not reflecting what you did to others with less considerations and care,  then you have an issue not to be able to recognize your own patterns and bad habits. This is worse as you have no room to learn and grow, and you will stay at lower consciousness even without noticing it, but probably people around you may know it,  not saying anything to you.

This month is a month for us to release heavy unwanted energies and memories to become happier and more successful, but if you don’t recognise and acknowledge issues and uncomfortableness, you won’t learn and grow for better.

Aug 7th & 21st – Full Moon, New Moon, Eclipse Days for the Remote Galactic Light Body Transmission
Based on the above, school offers 2 special remote Galactic Light body Transmission sessions at night and we can grow and transform.

Eclipse has power to break through and release blocks, so on 7th full moon day and 21st new moon day, are even more powerful time for you to shift your consciousness. If you are attracted to this offer and want to shift your life, further details can be found from the link below.

Important Month with 2 Eclipse in the Leo Month – 7th and 21st – Remote  Full Moon, New Moon, Eclipse Galactic Light Transmission, Reiki seminar, more

Private sessions and classes are also available.
Feel free for any queries and bookings.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon and have a good day.

Love and Light

Class 1 level 1
(Meditation and Energy Protection and Management) 
– Learn how to clear your energy, protect you thoroughly. In this dimension, there is not only the Light, but darkness is here too. You can book a class anytime you want.

Class 1 details -> http://uk.gfls.co.uk/class1/

★ Aug 7th Mon 11:10-  Full Moon Chaka & Energy Clearing Meditation and Crystal Empowerment
– you can book online from the page below. No need to text or email me.
★11:10 -11:50 Part 1 – Meditation and Group Emotional Healing @Covent Garden
★11:50 -12:30  Part 2A Galactic Light Transmission & Crystal Empowerment @Covent Garden

★ Soul Awakening Course
School supports you to shift your consciousness and transform your life. For further information, please visit here. http://uk.gfls.co.uk/basic-course/

★ Psychic Reading, Channelling session
Sometimes, it is good to have a guidance or message coming from your ancestors, angels and ascended masters to receive  a support for you to understand, make a decision in life and move on. http://uk.gfls.co.uk/reading/

★ Massage and Reiki session
We need to maintain our physical body well as well as the energy field. Experienced ITEC 3 & Deep Tissue massage therapist, Kei, helps you release tension and pain from your body. It gives you good benefits to loosen your muscles and circulate the blood and energy better. Reiki can be combined if requested.

Massage – > http://uk.gfls.co.uk/massage/
Reiki ⇒ http://uk.gfls.co.uk/usuireiki/



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