★Inspirational Guide Messages and Feb events inc Feb 2nd Venus Magic Law of Love Attraction

Hello How are you?

Special Capricorn New Moon effect is kicking in with 6 planets’ influence! This time is to saw the seeds for the future, so action action action, invest invest invest, till around 25th especially!

Inspirational Messages
I went for an inspirational speaker’s event today as a trance-medium/ channelor and my senior guide and my deceased trance-medium grandmother came through. Their messages to the audience was so consistent and I would like to share them with you.

My Senior Guide Message (He became my guide in 2006/2007)
” We would like to congratulate your progress and achievements however you feel them great or not. It is not easy to live in the physical world in a human body so we would like you to have time to stop and celebrate what you have achieved so far including things which haven’t manifested yet.

One thing we would like you to be aware of is that you had lots of visible and invisible support to be where you are at right now. People tend to forget things which other people did for you whilst they may focus on what they haven’t received. Say thank you to others, your family, friends, teachers, partners, someone you briefly met and helped you, with gratitude, love, humbleness and respect. You could get there with other people’s help. If you become more humble and grateful deeper, you would be able to go higher as you can receive more love and support from others, which would boost you up. Be thankful, grateful, compassionate and respectable. ”

My then Trans-medium/ channelor Grandmother (Japanese)
”I’m so glad to come through today. When I was alive, I had pain all over in my body and it was way overbearing. I feel so much lighter and healthier in this medium’s body (Kei)! When I had a channeling training with others 30-50 years ago, we were sent to the mountain reguraly and went under the waterfall sometimes even in the cold season for clearing, psychic development, discipline, awareness shift, higher connection etc.  I know people are talking about beginner, intermediate or advance psychic levels and compete against each other, but what matters is how to raise your consciousness, not to inflate your ego and try to show how how good you are. I wanted to share how we were trained in a very strict and serious way to become a pure ‘tool’ to serve for others as a medium. There are many different ways to develop you but I want you to be aware that consciousness is everything for anything.

I’m supporting this medium (Kei) to discipline and develop her and like-wise, each of you has your own ancestors and guides to support your development from another dimension. You can become connected well with them and receive support from them to live your life full. Your life is not infinite unfortunately so we will see you in another dimension when the time comes. ‘

“If you are spiritual, how seriously are you practising what you learned?”
Humans, us, are not perfect, let’s embrace it.

I was so lost before I started a proper psychic healer training back in 2005, time flies, now it’s 2018 and I’m still learning day by day.

Above messages gave a very sensitive indication to the audiences to alert
– how truly they are humble to develop them and their psychic senses?
– What is their true motivation to become better?
– How grateful and respectable are you to people who are supporting you?

I’ve been in the spiritual world over 13 years officially, over 40 years in total unofficially as I grew up in the spiritual environment, and saw good and bad things in this field. I didn’t really have a proper structured psychic development teachings as I guess many teachers probably didn’t know how to teach in a structured way as it is just a 5 sensor thing to practice. It’s just the energy, no structured way.

Feb 8th or 9th – Psychic Development and Practice Foundation Course
Therefore, I practiced, practiced practiced and learned from others energetically and found my own solid way. So, the school decided to offer the psychic development and practice foundation course from Feb 8th or 9th. If you would like to build the foundation or if you are interested in, come along. It is a semi private group class so seats are limited. Each time, there is a hands on practice time guaranteed ( I didn’t like any workshops and trainings where trainers were dominantly talking and didn’t let students practice enough, waste of money) . Total beginners, more than welcome!

In order to become a good psychic or become an intuitive person, you need to learn the solid basics and principles.

Details from here. – Psychic Development and Psychic Reading Practice Course –

Mar 31st – Full Moon Meditation and Galactic Crystal Transmission 
★ 31st Wed 12:00 -12:45 Part 1 Full Moon Clearing Meditation and Group Emotional Healing
★ 31st Wed 12:45 -13:25 Part 2A Full Moon Galactic Light Transmission & Crystal Empowerment

Feb 2nd – Law of Attraction for an ideal partner and Venus Magic 
This workshop is good to attract ideal partners, good like minded friends, more opportunities and creativity. I worked out the planet hours and this workshop time is triple times more powerful with the Love and Beauty Venus planet energy to attract what you want in life! Previous participant found a boy friend!

Come and join us, both boys and girls! ->
★ 2nd Fri 11:00 – 13:50 Law of Attraction to attract an ideal partner & Venus Energy Work @ Bond

Feb 13th/18th/your preferred time –  Non-diluted Japanese Usui Reiki Seminar 1
– Our Reiki training develops and cultivate your consciousness and love aspect as well as offers authentic connection and effective healing. Please contact us with preferred dates to book.  
-> http://uk.gfls.co.uk/ensofrayreiki/

★Mar 1st Thu – Special Offer. Energy Balancing & Healing 45 min
– You can receive an energy balance and healing session from the school trainee and Reiki therapist. If interested in, please book soon.  
Time and Date  Thu Mar 1st 14:05 – 14:50
Venue:Bond st London
Fee: 15 pounds by bank transfer, non-refundable.
– Please book by email.  

For queries and bookings, feel free to contact us by email.

Enjoy the festive season and have a good day!

Love and Light



0) 26 DNA Activation, 40 DNA Activation and Spark of Life
DNA Activation is the very first session we recommend to everyone as you can become connected with your own power and essence to fulfil your life.

If you received once, we recommend you to receive 40 DNA Activation or AK2 DNA Activation as well as Spark of Life, because….. every single time you receive more light into your core, you would be more and more awakening, which is based on our spirit awakening as well.

There are so many new age modalities out there, but we recommend the DNA Activation to receive first  as this was tested and verified by Wise King Solomon over 3000 years ago. It works for everyone beyond nationalities and colours, etc.

If you had a DNA Activation, Spark of Life remote session is highly recommended as it awakens your spirit side.


1)Until the end of Jan  - Magnificent You, New Year Intuitive & Psychic Consultation

2018 is the important year for you to master yourself with your gifts and powers. It is not a normal psychic reading but you can also have guidance how to move on forward with possible solution ideas and guidance.

If you would like, in order to release blocks out of you, NLP and guided work are also included to manifest your dreams.

Time and Date: Anytime. Please email us 3-4 preferred time you would like to book.
Fee:  85minutes at £150 / 115minutes at £210

*Please pay in advance by bank transfer.
* Within 72 hours of  your preferred date to book, Paypal payment is requested but Paypal charge is additionally added by +5-10 pounds.
* Within 48h cancelation and rescheduling request of your appointment,, cancelation charge is 50%. 100% charge within 24hours.

2) Special Offer ends in Jan – Clinically proven EMDR session special offers for you to release blocks and restructure your emotional and mental patterns.
 (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) was invented by a psychologist Francis S getting an idea from NLP back in 1987 and developed this EMDR modality. It has been clinically proven and there have been many successful case studies reported so far.

Kei is also a trained EMDR hypnotherapist and her clients have reported its quick effects including physical symptom disappearance. EMDR is more regarded as a psychotherapeutic session but it also reported that there are some successful mental, emotional and physical symptoms reductions even in few sessions, rather than 10, 20 conventional sessions.

If you have severer painful experiences and memories, PTSD, traumas, OCD, anxieties, depression, abusiveness, bullied, lost love, marriage issues, health issues, stress, utilize the special winter campaign.

For further details, please click the link below.

3) Emotional Crystal Healing & NLP EMDR Hypno session
This session can be combined with EMDR
It will be good for people who cannot move on from the past, abusiveness, self-harm, trauma, lost love, bullied, redundant, anger management etc.

Further details -> http://uk.gfls.co.uk/emotional-release-and-chrystal-healing/