★April 8th – Introduction to the Energy Healing and Psychic Healing 1

★Introduction to the Energy Healing and Psychic Healing 1
– All levels. Anyone can attend this workshop.

Are you curious about the energy healing and or psychic healing?

Would you be interested in brushing up your healing skills by understanding the critical essences of healing?

More and more people are awakening in this ascension time and they are interested in
– What is a healing and energy?
– How can I heal myself?
– How can I become a healer, psychic healer or therapy practitioner?
– How would I make a transition from my current career to the holistic path?
– Am I going to be able to make a living out of this and leave a current job?

Outline of the workshop
At this experiential workshop, you will learn and experience below from the esoteric and metaphysical teacher, psychic healer and master Reiki teacher, Kei,  who has been practicing over 12 years with advanced metaphysical and exoteric trainings, after she left her professional financial career.

– What healing and energy is about. 
– What is a psychic healing?
– Importance of the healing energy connection and authenticity.
– Importance of Self -healing
– Healing for others
– Hands on energy work.
—- Experience the energy.
—- Experience the vibration.
—- Heal yourself or others (you can choose either)
– Brief QA time.

Time and Date
April 8th Mon. 18:30 – 20:00. 

27 Endell street, WC1H 9BA. London. 

– Please book your seat from the below Paypal payment link and keep the payment paper to show by door.
– Early Bird offer is available – currently only 16 pounds. (full value is 60 pounds)
– After you book, it is not refundable but transferable to your friends with the advance notification to us (please email us who is coming as an alternative person, with that person’s contact email address).

Online Booking deadline – April 8th 15:00. After this, please pay by cash 40 pounds by door.