Fri 12th of June – Goddess Love Aphrodite – Emotional Block Release – with Anointing Holy Oil.

Negative Emotional Block Release – Love and Forgiveness with Energy Work, NLP, Hypnosis & Anointing Holy Oil.

Love and Beauty Goddess Venus gives a powerful influence on Fri and you can join us this Love and Forgiveness Block Release workshop.

In this modern society and in a big city like London, many of us are under pressure and stress to go to a higher ladder in career and make a living. As a consequence, we may not have enough time to spend time with your loved ones and develop and nature love, relationship or marriage.

You may be feeling like
you haven’t met a right person,
you have met someone and started a relationship but it does not go well and stuck somewhere emotionally, or
your marriage is falling apart…these are very common things in our life.

If you are carrying painful experiences and emotion from your past experiences in whatever the relationship, you are stuck emotionally and mentally, and cannot move on to the next stage of your life with happier mental state.

At this workshop, we will work on your mind, body and soul at all level and release emotional, psychological and mental pain and blocks, forgive you and others and move on to the next stage of your life where you can find more love and happiness. This is a transformational energy workshop for you to get the life you want.

With support of Love Goddess Venus and Healing Archangel Raphael, you will be anointed with a special Holy oil to heal you deeply, release emotional wounds and attract love and passion and develop them. Each individual participant will also receive an Divine Feminine Energy Activation to enhance your lovely feminine aspect. Guys can also receive this as it develops more harmonious and nurturing aspect of you with feminine energy to balance out your male energy.

Come and join us to support you to separate from a single life, attract someone lovely and develop a loving relationship and partnership. This can apply to any kind of relationship with your families, friends, loved ones and colleagues.

Fri 12th of June is a good day after Mercury retrograde and release your “drama” related to love and forgiveness, and empower you with loving high vibrational energy.


– Divine guidance on Partnership and Love from the Higher Dimension through Channelling
– Energy Clearing and Detox from your Aura body with a gently guided clearing meditation, hypnosis and NLP. – Anointing you with a special holy oil to release emotional blocks and heal you (for each person).
– Crystal Healing – Love and Forgiveness Work
– Divine Female Energy Activation (for each person) – Future Regression – Anointing you with a special holy oil to attract and develop love and loving relationship. (for each person).
** Holy oil is diluted with essential oil drops and it is blended at a special combination with different high quality essential oils. ** You will be anointed with a anointing holy oil on your skin and clothes, but it can easily washed off. You may want to wear something you don’t mind having an oil on your clothes.

Time and Date : Fri 12th of June 18:45-20:25 (110min)

Location4 min walk from Covent Garden. Location will be notified 2 days before of the workshop after you make a payment.

Participating fee: Early Bird Offer is available. (By door, £60 if available)

Payment and reservation:
– Please be aware that reservation will be closed on midnight Thur 11th of June.
– After you make a payment, location will be notified.
Please reserve and make a payment by Paypal from the link below in prior a workshop.


– Seat is guaranteed once you make a payment.
– If you don’t pay in advance by noon of Fri 12th of June, you cannot get into the venue.
Terms and Conditions
– Workshop will start from 18:45, and please arrive 2-3min before. – In case you are late, you can get in till 19:00, but after that, door will be shut.
– Advance payment by Paypal is required to participate.
– Refund is not available after your payment, unless we cancel the workshop.
– Location will be notified two days before of the workshop.


Holy Oil for Anointing yourself – Love Attraction and Development
– If you would like to have a Anointing Holy Oil Bottle with essential oil blended, please email us to buy a bottle. If bottles are available, you can also buy on the day by cash.
– This Anointing Holy Oil is like a perfume and you can apply an oil on your skin to make your energy vibration higher for a specific purpose.