Thur 4th of June – Emotional Block Release and Energy Clearing Meditation

Transform your Life and activate your divine energy by an ancient method.

In order for us to manifest our dreams, if we carry negative energy, pain, negative emotional patterns, energetic blocks, we would not most likely manifest what we want. At this event, we will simply release whatever pain, frustration, anger, stress, energetic blocks you have within, and bring in more light and energy to attract and manifest what you want through gently guided meditation and more.

– Energy Clearing Guided Meditation
– Hypno coaching to release emotional blockages and to unlock the power within you.
– Group coaching for manifestation
– FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL block removal – if you haven’t received it yet.
FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL – Ascension Energy, 8th Dimensional energy transmission to shift you to further higher dimension.
– Divine Energy Activation Within you to create what you desire in life by an Ancient Proven Method and Sound

Time: June 4th, Thur 18:00 – 19:00
Covent Garden, 3 min walk. Exact location will be notified around June 1st all together.

Reservation and payment
– Please reserve from a paypal link below and pay in advance.


Please note
– Please wait on the ground floor level 2-3min before and I will come to pick you up.
– In order to attend this event, you need to pay in advance. No advance payment, no entry. (No entry would be available by door)
– It is non- refundable.
– If you are late more than 10 min, you cannot join the event. Please make sure you will come in time.