★Life Transformation Consultation Offer – Limited offer for people who lost their income substantially

Due to the Corona lockdown, there have been more people losing substantial income, job, getting contracted to Corona, deteriorating their mental or physical health or becoming depressed or suicidal.

All of us need to understand

Things don’t happen randomly and there is a meaning and learning for each one of us.

Even if you can understand this at the intellectual level, it is very difficult to take any difficult situations emotionally, especially when your reality is falling apart.

‘I cannot take it any more!’
“What should I do? “
“What is wrong with me? “

If things are falling apart, especially if you have any mental or physical symptoms, you are simply facing a sign to notice and realize you need to awaken and transform your life. Once you notice what message you are receiving, it is quite often your distresses and problems get disappeared.

This life transformation consultation session is for people
– lost their jobs.
– their income has been substantially decreased.
– But they want to get out of the situation and not leaving it depending on others or doing nothing.

Kei has been helping many people’s lives to transform over 15 years. If you would like to have a session, please see below.

– For people who lost their jobs, or have had a substantial decrease in their income.
– You are still willing to make a change to get out of the situation, not leaving it or depending others to do all for you.

Consultation fee
– Offer
‐ Standard session is at 95 pounds for 50 min -> Limited offer at £20. (By Paypal, 30 pounds).

Application & Booking
‐ Please fill in the form from here and apply for the consultation.

Terms and Conditions – please read before you book a session.
– Please note that there is no refund after application.
– This is a limited session only, one session per person.
– For those in the UK, the session is offered over the UK phone number, and for those overseas, the session will be on Skype.
– Since it is a consultation, energy work such as psychic reading and healing is not included. It includes elements of psychological work and coaching.
– If you have a mental or physical illness, please let us know at the beginning of the session. Since the mind, body, and reality are connected, it may hold the key to solving problems.
-If you have a mental or physical illness, please continue to see a doctor.