Mar 10th – Light Body Transformation, Head & Neck Shoulder Pain Release Self-Care Massage, and Kaballah-based Coaching

Light Body Transformation, Head & Neck Shoulder Pain Release Self-Care Massage, and Kaballah-based Coaching

This workshop focused on a healthy “Lighter” Body physically and energetically in order to keep the Light within, expel negativities and create healthy strong bodieS. It covers the points below.

Light Body Mantra
As we are aware or not, there are many ghosts and entities affecting our dimension and humans. it is said that there are no one really can be escaped to avoid its influence and interruption. If you know how to protect you, it is better but if not, influence can be inevitable. Even if you protect you, depends on your belief system, mind, mental patterns, emotions, you may be affected too.

At this workshop, we cover how we can be influenced, and you can learn an Ancient Light Body Mantra in order for you keep the Light within you and attract positivity in your life. This Mantra works not only for protection but also works for dream manifestation.

Neck & Shoulder Pain Release Self Care Massage
In addition to the energy work, you can learn how to take care of your body properly, this time especially your neck and shoulder which is very important to maintain your health.

Since everyone has at least one mobile phone nowadays, we quite often tilt our head and check emails and website. Due to this, neck has to support the heavy head, about 5 kg, and it causes many health and pain issues such as neck pain, shoulder pain, headache, hormone imbalance, dizziness, and more. Additionally, there is a major health issue which is caused by using a mobile phone, but it is not a well-known matter though in the US, there were some cases brought to the court. You will learn how not to be affected by mobile phone and maintain your health as well as learn how to ease pain and tension from your neck and shoulder based on the Eastern Medicine Meridian System.

Neck and shoulder heaviness is caused by attachments sometmes. If you feel heaviness on your shoulder, this workshop is recommended for you to attend.


Kaballah Coaching
Have you ever experienced and wondered what you have to do and what is the best option and action when you needed to make a decision?

Unfortunately we live in such an individualistic life style and culture, we haven’t had an opportunity to get a wise advice or mentoring from grandparents, seniors or someone experienced. It can cause heavy distress, mental illness or your life down cycle trigger.

At this workshop, you will have a group coaching session based on the ancient Kaballah, principle of life for you to make a sound judgment in life and live a happier life.

Details of the workshop, please see below.
Part 1  – 55min
‐ Group Coaching based on Kaballah
‐ Clearing Meditation
‐ Learn how Physical dimension is affected by ghosts and evils.
‐ What is Mantra. Importance to do Mantra properly.
‐ Learn an ancient Light Body Transformation & Protection Mantra

Part 2 – 35 min
‐ Short message from Galactic Federation or Hierarchy of Light
‐ Learn Neck and Shoulder Pain Release Self Care Massage and practice it.


Time and Date: Thur Mar 10th, 18:45‐20:15 (It may take longer if many attend.)

Venue: Covent Garden

* Please bring pen, notebook and something to drink for yourself.

How to Book(Early Bird available)
‐ You can book from the Paypal link below.
‐ Advance booking is required till 15:00 on 10th.
‐ You will have an email on 8th night about the exact location.

Part 1 only

Part  1& 2


Please note
* There will be no refund after you book unless we cancel the event.
* Please arrive in time but you can come in till 19:00. Advance booking is required to get through the reception when you come late. Please mention your name to a receptionist.