★ Mercury is back to normal. Face to face sessions in Tokyo and Osaka till Jul 28th, and then closed for about a month

Ise shrine  – Naigu (Internal Palace). Amazing place to connect with the divine energy and clear your own energy. 


Hope you are enjoying the summer season. In Japan it is heavily raining everyday except a couple of days when I was out for an ancestral healing and shrine visit. Ise shrine is the most famous and very sacred place to visit in Japan, where Amaterasu Goddess is (photo). 

Mercury is back normal .. then where are you going? 
Some other major planets are still retrograding but Mercury is back to normal. Corona cases are decreasing so it’s a good time for you to go out, get the sunshine, build up your immune system before the winter season is coming. 

Internally, it is still a good time to review
– Who you are. 
– What you really want to do
– Why you are here, etc. etc. 

and accordingly make a change and take actions. 

Finding out about you, getting to know about you, is a very much an empowering thing. 
You may think you know about you well, but are you aware of 
– How have you been influenced by your upbringing? 
– What kind of patterns you have succeeded from your parents, family and ancestors? 
– How much your work /environment / society is influencing on your thought and decision patterns? 
– How much have your received support from your family and others and grew up, even if you don’t think you had enough? (Baby cannot grow up on their own, so you know what I mean…).

If you contemplate on the above questions over the summer time, not just one day, you would be able to have deeper ideas eventually. 

If you know about who you are, you get a clue how to maximize your potential and live your life full with joy and happiness. Getting a quick answer is great sometimes, but if you keep contemplating on one thing, things get processed, then you get a deeper findings and answers about you and something else. Under this ascension time, what you need is a good deep insight and notice what you notice.

Limited Face to face sessions in Tokyo and Osaka till Jul 28th and Online sessions – then will be closed for about one month,
– Sorry for a short notice but we will be closed from July 29th for about one month. 
– If you are in Japan, you can utilize limited face to face sessions on July 19th and 20th (both in the afternoon only, maybe on 28th too) in Tokyo. In Osaka, July 25th (or 27th).
– Online sessions are available and it is a limited availability already, so please contact me for bookings soon if you would like to book. 
– Any queries and bookings after July 28th will be replied when we re-open. 

Carried-over Karma is coming up to release and transmute to the light
Time to let go the past. 

*YOUR Own Future And Direction
You hold the key to your future. Allow you to evolve and open up to a new possibility
Spark of Life remote session, or Dimensional work, or something else? 


Feel free to make a query and have a good week! 
If I don’t see you in July, enjoy summer and see you in the Autumn. 

Thank you. 



★ 22nd, 24th, 25th, 27th – online sessions available before the break. 
★19th-20th, (maybe 28th)  – Face to face session in Tokyo. 
★25th or 27th  – Face to face session in Osaka. 
★July 29th – end of Aug / early Sep – closed. 


Sep/Oct – To be confirmed.
★ TBC 10:00 am UK time – Online Zoom – Pieces Full Moon Mindfulness Meditation & Galactic Transmission (Live) 

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