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How have you been? I’m back from the 38 c Japan in London.

Mid-August is a very special time in Japan as it is the time we pray for our ancestors with the special ceremony called Obon and visit the graveyard, and also pray for our soldiers who died at the WWII.

At this time, I found out that one of the classmates I studied together back in 2006 died with the illness which doctors, yoga, diet and workout etc. could not fix. So today’s theme is about
How to live your life and Self-development Application, and

Change Notice
Our sessions and menu are being reviewed now. In the near future, heavy exorcism work will be completely stopped. If you are interested in the Quantum Block Release and Ancestral Healing, it is recommended to receive them sooner, rather than leaving them till later.

How to live and learn to become a better person – why do we interact each other?
My father’s friend kindly invited my father and me to his Master’s training day as his guests. His Master teacher had a very severe training over 30 years with Mikkyo (One of the religions) and run his training courses for his students, invitation only.

He teaches about the Mikkyo’s psychology and how to apply wisdoms but had a very much frank, straight-forward communication and teaching style. Since he is also trained as an exorcist, he does not allow any darkness to interrupt and teachers how to remove own darkness and raise the vibration. He also had Assented Masters behind him working together but the energy was very different from this Galactic Federation School’s energy.
We often work with Asented Masters’ Buddha, Quanin, Jesus, Maria butt his energy was very much Fudomyo’s energy, Acalanacha.

He was very strict and stern but what he was teaching with the universal wisdom. So I would like to share a couple of things of what he said.

It is difficult for us to confront us, our darkness, shadow side and make a change for better.
He said it is better not to learn theories and knowledge of self-development and wisdoms IF you don’t practice, apply the knowledge and take actions to make a change. It is just making your ego and head bigger and it does not change your personality quality.

2)Apply what you have learned to your daily life and work on yourself. Otherwise, nothing will be changed.
– Just learning and applying would not be enough. You need to apply what you have learned into your daily life, your relationships with others, and realize what is actually happening in YOU, what you are thinking, how you are feeling, AND take actions to make a change about YOURSELF, not others.
– If you have a huge ego and pride, you would not be able to be humble enough, cannot recognize your weakness and make a change.

Since I was a guest there and the lecturer didn’t know me, I was just listening what the teacher was teaching and how he was teaching it. It was a good experience and I felt his approach is very much similar to the Galactic Federation School though our approach is much softer than his stern Buddhism training.

If you are interested in making a change in your life, our classes and workshops are recommended as it is the combination of the theory and practice and you will learn how to develop yourself. You can start from the class 1 and class 2.

Death – it will come to all of us one day.
One of the classmates I studied healing 12 years ago, died. She was only about 45 years old and it was such an unexpected death from the illness which doctors, yoga, dieting, exercise, etc. could not cure her.

Energetically, she and I had a very similar aspect such as channeling, Crystal soul color and Empass. However, she went onto the advanced exorcism training which I avoided. She continued to deal with heavy dark forces energy, whilst I stopped dealing with possession, heavy dark energies couple of years ago. I noticed even if the heavy energy is removed, client would not get changed from the cause IF they don’t work on themselves and repeat similar troubles and energetic problems until they raise their vibrations, so current school system is created to let clients to get independent energetically and mentally in a healthy way. This concept matches with the Exorcism approach in Roma.

Some people die at 98 years, whilst others at much younger like 45, even 27 years old.
Once you are called, your life will be ended.

Until then, we never really know when is our last day. How would you like to live your life, only once? Without excuses, without a victim consciousness, and with a full responsibility you take for your life?

If you don’t make a decision to change your life and take actions, nothing changes.
When do you want to make a decision?

A week ahead?
A year ahead?
5 years’ ahead?

Now, is the good time to take actions but you also need to take time to review your life.
School offers you classes and workshops for you to review your life and make a change, and private energetic sessions help you to raise your vibration and notice what you notice.

Aug 26th , Sun – Pieces Full Moon Meditation and Galactic Light Transmission
We will start from the morning. Please check the website and book online. If seats are available, you can attend by door by cash, but the advance online booking is recommended.

Please feel free to make a query and bookings.

Have a good week and see you soon.


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