★Mid August Newsletter – Detox for 360, Full Moon and Remote Galactic Transmission on Aug 14th, Reading and Healing offers on 13th-16th


How are you?

School organised the sacred power spot day trip for yesterday (so, Mon is a day off). Bit of a journey we experienced but the energy was clear and very much Galactic. We meditated and sent out the light to the humanity from there. If interested in joining us next year, photos are available from the photo galleries.

Detoxing at all levels – after 42 days I completed.. 
In order to detox, many people choose fasting but I have lots of appetite so fasting is not ideal. Based on the famous, food detoxing method,  I have detoxed for 42 days from July 1st till Aug 11th, strictly only some veggies, no fruits and no meat, no fish. It could detox my body aiming for better blood circulation, killing abnormal cells which everyone has, just not activated, better skin conditions, etc.

If you are interested in, please visit here. 

In Leo month – Who are you?  – Full Moon meditation and remote galactic transmission on 14th Wed
– Aug 14th Wed 19:15 – Full Moon meditation and Galactic Transmission 

Energy has been shifting quickly this year which means lots of changes with pain, letting go, etc. If we are living with the old energies and patterns, you are creating your reality with these energies. Entitlement, attachments, anger, victim consciousness, neediness, avoidance with excuses, etc. It  is difficult to understand who you really are with a life purpose and to see who you really are. This month in Leo’s energy coming with full moon on 14th, it is powerful if you become connected with DNA activated energies or galactic energies and restructure yourself. Yesterdays’ school trip had full elements of working on these even from the journey on the bus, not only meditating and tuning in the energy in the field to develop senses and connections.

Most difficult thing is to work on ourselves (it means we need to work on our shadow aspects) and restructure, and let us shine like the Sun! If you work on you constantly, it can happen eventually. It happened to me, happened to my students, and can happen to everyone.

Question is, Are you ready? or keep procrastinating with various reasons?

Mental and physical illnesses, heart-broken states, business suffers… how to transform?  -13th-16th special offers. 
Lots of people are not aware any illnesses are quite often related to mind, emotions and energy aspects. That’s why medical professional and conventional talking therapies would not really fix all the symptoms. We need to work on 360 degrees including all aspects of ourselves to make a change.

If you are heart-broken or depressed, energetic cord cutting and healing help you to feel eased.
If your business suffer, it quite often there is a pattern and you can make a change by our classes and sessions.

If you suffer any break-down or illnesses, you can come and experience the power of the higher dimension and see how it can help you. This week, psychic reading and healing are available at special rates and you can utilise it.
Or you can book any sessions at the standard rate anytime between Tue and Sat.

Details on what’s on page. https://uk.gfls.co.uk/whats-on/

* When you book, please email me with 3-4 proffered time and date, which session, length, all the necessary info in one email. (between Tue- Sat. Sun and Mon are closed).
– How to book, please see what’s on page.  Psychic consultation is available too. 

Booking in Aug
– I will be away from Aug 24th, so for any face to face session requests in London, please book before 23rd, between Tue and Fri (Sat is already fully booked now). Limited availability now.
– After that, skype session will be available for limited slots till Sep 17th. 

In Aug, due to the summer time, there are some special offers for you. Everyone loves special offers right?
Seats are limited so please email and book it if interested in. First come first served.

Offer – Quantum Mind Body Emotion Psychosomatic Detox Session by Kei  – Till Aug 17th
– If private session is preferred, Quantum Mind Body Emotion Psychosomatic session and others are available. Details is from here -> https://uk.gfls.co.uk/quantum-mind-body-emo-detox-restructuring/

Offer – Aug 13th -15th 12noon – 19:00, excluding Wed 14th night.  Psychic Reading by Kei 
– Skype session only for 25 min at 25 pounds, instead of 50 pounds. Non refundable  by Paypal payment to book. Please email me to book your seat. First come, first served. If it is 55min, 55 pounds.

Limited Offer – Aug 16th Fri 12:00 – 1900. Reiki Healing session  @ Bond/Covent Garden by Kei 
– 50 min Reiki sessions including 5 min short counselling and feedback time. If you have the below symptoms and would like to have Reiki healing on you, please email me. Standard fee is 105 pounds, but you can have this offer at a special rate.
Fee: 12:00 – 15:00 non-refundable 79 pounds by bank transfer before 4 days . After, by Paypal 90 pounds.
16:00 – 19:00 non-refundable 89 pounds by bank transfer before 4 days . After, by Paypal 100 pounds.
– When you book a session, please let us know briefly what illness you have and we will prepare for that.
Ailments: Mainly, cancerAsthma (please bring an inhaler with you), Lung related illness,   Liver, Stomach, IBS, Bladder, Womb (please make sure you are not pregnant for this sessions),  Kidneys. If you have any other illness, please consult with us but we are looking for people who have diagnosed physical symptoms already. 

Session in Japan – Tokyo and Osaka in Sep
– If you, your friends or your family live in/near Japan, you/they can have a face to face session by Kei in Tokyo and Osaka. Please find the details from our Japanese website. Or you can just simply contact us to book a session. Evening slots are limited,  so first come, first served. If it is closer, rooms may not be available, so early arrangement is recommended.

Osaka – early Sep
Tokyo – Sep 11th-15th

Have a good week and enjoy the summer.
Please feel free to make a query and book a session.