★Mid March Newsletter – Delusions & Misunderstandings – GALACTIC DNA Activation, 13th Online Meditation, 16th Reiki 1, 20th Galactic Full Moon & Vernal Equinox & 3rd eye Activation

How are you? Such a nice day today with the sunshine. Hope you enjoy it.

Mercury which deals with communication, went into Pieces and started retrograding,  and it won’t leave there till 28th of March. All of us need to be mindful with
– how you say things and what you say.
– what is your ‘interpretation’ of what other people are talking about.
– what you are not communicating thoroughly for other people to be able to understand what you are on your mind.
and more.

I often use NLP techniques to clarify the meanings and the intentions of other people when I communicate with them in my day to day life, not only for client sessions, and fill the communication gap to understand each other better. If other people are projecting their own thoughts and their own assumptions, rather than  the ‘facts’, I clarify sometimes the ‘fact’ based on the ‘evidence’ like the CBT therapies.

Since we are still in the month of Pieces, you also need to be paying more attention with
– what is NOT said
– what is your own assumptions,  and ego which is creating them.
– what is a ‘wishy-washy’ thoughts and emotions, avoiding the ‘reality’
and more.

As you might be aware, these are heavily related to this physical dimensional matters. If you receive more of the higher vibrational energies and activate/ upgrade your DNA strands, energy works and it can upgrade your energies, your way of thinking, your behaviours, etc.  and can make a change in your life transformationally.

Spring will start on Vernal equinox day and  the Galactic DNA strands Activation together with the standard 26/40 DNA Activation,  or the standard DNA activation is highly recommended at this time. .

For further details, Galactic DNA Strands Activation – limited offer. till April 18th. 


Mar 20th  Wed’s Vernal Equinox and Full Moon Galactic Light transmission remote session also offers the 3rd eye activation, healing and clearing too. So you can be anywhere you want.

School offers a couple of new things in March such as online meditation and healing, and please see below.

Mar  16th –  Usui Reiki Seminar level 1 at Bond st
– Learn how to heal yourself with the pure Japanese Usui reiki taught by the Japanese experienced teacher Kei. It will lead you to become a proper Reiki practitioner. It is a group seminar.   
Usui Reiki Seminar Level 1 on Feb 16th

NEW March 13th – Online and Live Anxiety & Stress Reduction Guided Meditation & group coaching session by Zoom attendance
– You can join this session anywhere and regain peace of mind

★  Mar  20th  Wed Vernal Equinox and Libra  Full Moon Meditation & Galactic Light Transmission. Part 1 and Part 2. with a  present
– You will receive a 30 ml holy water & Energy clearing bottle as a present if you attend the part 1 and 2 (for online booking before Jan 15th).  Link is from here. 
– Part 1 & 2 attendance is limited.
– Part 1 – plenty of seats available


★ Mar 20th  Wed Vernal Equinox and Full Moon Galactic Light transmission – 22:00-23:00 remote
–  Galactic Light Clearing and Light Body Transmission. 

Mar 22nd Fri  psychic reading offer. 12:00 – 12:40      –  special offer
Psychic reading special offer by our psychic initiates   at non-refundable 15 pounds at Bond st. Please contact us.  You can have 2 x 17-20 min readings. Kei will be there on site too. (Payment is from the online Paypal link here).


For further information and events, please visit our website or feel free to contact us.