★Newsletter- Sep – Remote Spark of Life Session, Manage Your Energy and Life, Coaching session

How are you?

Just got home in Japan and will be on holiday here and there. Japanese news is very different from the one I hear daily in London. Less brutal murders stubbing information, and it is more peaceful though there are some crimes here too.

If you make a change about your life and your way of living in more peaceful way, that will be influencing your family, your friends, your local community, people you deal with at work, etc. and will be spreading to the external world. It means if you re-build a better relationship with your self, your internal world and also the external world will be benefited which mean, you are creating more peace in the world. Any change is always starting from yourself. If you have a big dream to make a change in the world, you need to learn and actually practice how you make a better improvement in your self and your daily life. If you are more disciplined with more care to your self and others, then it is a good start. Otherwise, chaos, confusion, etc .are all there and you are not contributing to the world peace.  Big dream starts from how you manage your emotions, thoughts, energies and your daily life in your current life, not the future. If your family relationships or relationships with the very close loved ones are not that good, there is a good material for you to learn and how to love yourself and others, starting from there. All the family relationships are not probably perfect, not harmonious with love,

How would you like to make a change in your life?

Spark of Life (remote session)  https://uk.gfls.co.uk/sol/
Our mystery school has various tools for people who need emotional healing, but also who wants to make a prosperous and joyful life with high motivation. Our ancient technology and authentic sessions can open up your gits and power, and the first gateway for that are
– 26 or DNA Activation (face to face) which activates your human, physical side. and also
– Spark of Life Activation (remote only) which activates your spirit aspect

Since I am in Japan, it is good for you to receive sessions before or while you sleep due to the time difference (8h).
If you haven’t received this yet and activate further, there are limited slots available and please check the what’s on page for available slots for the remote Spark of life session.

 How it works  – Spark of Life 
– It is either 11:30pm or 9am in the morning UK time. Please see available time from here. 
– At the beginning you can have 10-15 min counselling/consultation time by Skype.
– After that, either you can sleep or meditate, and receive the remove session (you don’t need to do anything).
– After the session, you will receive a short feedback by email within a couple of days.

* If time-wise, if you don’t need to have a counselling time, you can skip this and just receive the remote session and receive the feedback after the session by email. It’s up to you.

If interested in booking, please read the details of the session from here and email me when you would like to have it at least 3-4 business days before.

Booking in Sep 15th
– limited slots are available.  Please see available time from here. 
Session in Japan – Tokyo and Osaka in Sep
– If you, your friends or your family live in/near Japan, you/they can have a face to face session by Kei in Tokyo and Osaka. Please find the details from our Japanese website. Or you can just simply contact us to book a session. Evening slots are limited,  so first come, first served. If it is closer, rooms may not be available, so early arrangement is recommended.

Coaching session or Law of attraction seminar.
– If you feel your life is balanced more or less, and wants to focus on manifesting your dreams, coaching session is recommended. Please find the details from here. 
– If one day workshop and learn many various techniques to manifest your dreams, Law of Attraction seminar (one day) can be organised in sometime Oct. Please find the details from here. 

Have a good week and enjoy the summer.
Please feel free to make a query.



For updated info, please go to the what’s on page. 

★24th – 27th, 31st – Sep 4th: Summer Holiday (Skype available between 8am – 12:30  London time. Face to face session in London will be available after Sep 18th.)

Osaka –  Sep about 5th-7th
Tokyo – Sep 11th-15th


★26 or 40 DNA Activation
Have a look at the following sessions and activate or upgrade your core and divine energy for  the new year as your divine life creator. You are the director of your own life, isn’t it? If not, activate this energy and change your life.

– 26DNA or 40 DNA Activation  –  face to face session only
– Class 1 – protection and energy management  – online or face to face.

Life Consultation You can book a Psychic Reading

How to book our session  – please check our Contact page and send us an email.