★Nov 29th – New Moon Archangel Gabriel Remote Transmission for the Integration

How are thing with you?

Nov 29th Tue is not only a simple new moon day but it has the strong fire power to clear negative energies and forces, and restore the order and the peace. This is under the Archangel Gabriel’s power and order.

Additionally, we are in the Sagittarius month, which means you receive the energy to
– clearing out conflicting energies, emotions and thoughts within you
– adjust and head to a clear direction as well.

Energy flow will be strengthened to dissolve all the illusions, unite conflicting 2-dimentional energies, Polarity now and neat year,  and integrate things to the divine Oneness more and more. This is not only about

  • things are not only black or white, darkness or light.
  • inner conflict within you
  • separation consciousness such as female or male
  • separation consciousness such as I and others
  • I want to do X but have to give up Y
  • Poverty consciousness or Abundance consciousness
  • Should I stay in the company or quit to do what I want to do?
  • and more.

How about you?

What kind of polarity do you have within you?

I like People Watching and often just watch people passing by or sitting in a public transport.
Some people don’t really have that much love and peace in their eyes due to whatever happening in their lifes, instead I can see in their eyes and facial expressions, more anger, frustration, conflict, suppression, etc.

Energy is really straight forward.  People having a lot of these energies are suffering most and they can realize there is a choice to get out of that state of mind. If they are there in that state for long, it can become chronic and they would take it as a default conditions, and they cannot really feel happiness, fulfilment and joy in life.

This remote session is to support to
– clear conflicting, polarity energies and emotions.
– shift your consciousness
– unite your energies into the divine oneness further

via the energy transmission from the Archangel Gabriel, and Fire’s purification and passion energy in the Sagittarius month.

To book your session, please see below.

I personally am very excited about tomorrow’s special New Moon at the special period.




Time and Date: Nov 29th 2016. 21:00-22:00

Please make a booking from the link below.
Deadline: Nov 29th, by 20:00

  • Please add your full name, address, birthday, or email me BY THE DEADLINE. Without this info, your booking is not completed.
  • After the remote session, I will send a group short message, not by indivual message and feedback.
  • Please be aware that this is non-refundable.
  • It is ideal if you meditate or sit in a quiet space by yourself though you will receive the transmission anyway.
  • It is better to avoid driving a car just in case.
  • It would be good to list up what you want to clear, dissolve polarity and integrate in advance.

Fee75 pounds


Thank you as always.