Oct 24th Taurus Full Moon Meditation, Archangel Base Chakra Clearing and Galactic Light Transmission (Face to face or Remote session)


How are you? What is happening in your life? 

Know the direction? 
Indecisive about something to choose? 

Many people want to change their lives better. Some people manage their lives well and some others don’t. What is a simple way to find out whether you can learn and make a change your life better?  And easily and effectively? 

One simple but effective way is to manage your living space. 

Your living space is a reflection of your inner world.  
I sometimes visit people’s houses and what I check is not only the energy but also how tidy and clean it is. Some people take time to clean dishes, kitchen, bathroom, living space, and place their clothes and items somewhere in a drawer etc. I usually have impression on them they manage their life well as well such as money, jobs, relationships and their well-beings.  How they present themselves often have an association with their home cleanliness and tidiness, just by my general impression. It also has some reflection on their aura too.  They tend to have a comfortable life. 

How about people who have issues with emotional state, relationship troubles, money troubles, not presenting themselves in a clean and neat look?  For example, I often find their home environment tends to be not clean, not sanitary, random things are here and there all over in the room, not tidy, smelly sometimes, air is a bit stuffy, and things are broken but not fixed for long.  

I often hear they are complaining about their lives, love, especially money.

Home does not have to be a 5-star super fantastic place  but needs to be clean and tidy. Hoover and clean up your place.

If you have lots of items you don’t use more than 3-5 years but still keep them, you need to see why you are still keeping them. Maybe just in case? Your values and your way of life are changing all the time. It’s better to be checking with your current value/what matters to you, and give them or toss away if they don’t meet your needs and want. Otherwise, there is no space for new energy is coming in to enjoy your life.

Good way to test is to invite your friends to your space. Do they want to come back and visit your place again? 

What you need and what you want are reflected in your home environment, also your base chakra as well. If your environment is messy and untidy, there is a higher chance that your life is messy with some troubles in money, sex, relationships, etc. 

Base chakra energy clearing work this month – on Oct 24th Taurus full moon day. 
This month, there are two base chakra energy clearing opportunities in a group session for you.  Base chakra is related to your reality in many ways, such as sex, money, fear, worries, anxieties, heaviness, job, lots of blockages in the real life. Come and join us to this special opportunity on 24th.

1) Day time – face to face from 12noon at Covent Garden.  
★  24th Wed   Part 1 Full Moon Clearing Meditation and Group Emotional Healing
★  24th Wed   Part 2A  Full Moon Galactic Light Transmission & Crystal Empowerment

2) Night time from 10pm by remote session. You can be anywhere you want. 
★ 24th Wed     22:00 – 23:00  Remote session – Archangel Healing on Base Chakra & Galactic Light Clearing and Light Body Transmission. 

If you prefer to have a private session, you can book a cord cutting session, Reiki or any other healing session  to clear your energy. 

Ascended Master Usui Reiki – simple but powerful 
Healing can be done in many ways but one thing I would like to share with you is about the powerful effect by the authentic pure, non-diluted  Japanese Usui Reiki or the Ascended Master Reiki.

People receive our Reiki for various reasons like emotional issues, anger, anxiety, addiction and such How are you and where are you? Many of them feel its effects and some said they never received Reiki like this and felt the instance changes in their life.

Reiki is the energetic session and the energy is coming from the higher dimension. It works on where you need to repair, beyond the human brain and guess work.

I use Reiki on me every day.

You can receive our Reiki as a tool to change your life or would you like to become your own therapist or for others?

For a Reiki private session -> https://uk.gfls.co.uk/usuireiki/

For a Reiki training -> currently Oct 19th or your preferred date, details from her.

We can support you in various ways so have a look at our website and feel free to contact us. Simply psychic consultation can be your help over the phone. 

Please feel free to contact us.

Have a good week and see you soon.


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