★Oct 31st Thu 20:10 – 22:40 – Warrior of Light work on Halloween day.

Oct 31st Thu- Warrior of Light work on Halloween day.

– Do you know Halloween day is the party time and holiday time for the dark forces? 
You should not celebrate it by placing a pumpkin (inviting them into your house), make-up and wear a costume (getting their energies on you) and any other celebrations as you would get cursed for generations.

These are the real guidance from the ex-Satanist and high-priest, serving to the darkness for 25 years in the past and working with them to spread the evil, but now is an evangelist.  Feel the energy of the Halloween. Feel the energy of people wearing make- up and costume. It is not heavenly at all.

On this day, we won’t be celebrating the Halloween, however, we are downloading, transmitting and spreading the Galactic Light to protect you, people and London.

– at 20:10 Initially we will be gathering at Liverpool street’s therapy room for about 1 hour for you to manage your energies, get the guidance, and have a guided meditation for you to get ready for this work. You will also have a protection around you before we start the field work.

– at 21:10 – we will be actually going to the central London’s area, patrolling and spreading the light till 22:30/23:00 (Hands on field work). We won’t do any functions like the Police, no danger, however we may help people who need  help, i.e. directions, unwell, etc. We will do some work to spread the light.

What to Bring:
‐ If you have a Pruba, an umbrella, please bring it with you.
‐ Please wrap up warm with a hat. You also need to wear a walking shoes, not a high heel shoes. If any accident and injury should happen, we won’t be responsible, so if you need to please have an insurance cover on you.

– Participation fee: 25 pounds (non-refundable)
– Payment: Please pay from here. 
– Pre-requisite:   Either  26 DNA Activation or the class 1 energy management class in advance.
– Gathering time: 20:25 at Liverpool street’s centre.