Protection Pendant Head


How was your summer holiday? It’s already mid Sep and I had a day off on last weekend. I visited the 2012 London Olympic site for the first time and enjoyed its space and previous stadiums. You can swim, cycle, play tennis, and also enjoy walking around.

If you haven’t visited there, it is 24 hours open and free to enter, highly recommended.


By the way, two types of protection pendants are available. People who purchased, said,

– easier to get grounded
– feels protected
– kids are emotionally more stable and their school performance got better.

And so on.


If you are interested in, please choose which type you like. After your order placement, I will start preparing for about 1 month, and you can receive it at your session time, or by royal post.


Photos show pendants before any energy preparation is done. You can see its design and its looks will not be changed even after the energy work on a pendant.
For further information, please visit the site.