★Sacred Site TripInformation Package

Sacred Site Trip Information 

Kei often goes to the sacred site / power spots to become connected with the higher dimension, feel the energy, receive guidance and do some other work to serve to the humanity and the universe. Since many of the places are not for commercial sites, researching and obtaining the information to get there effectively and safely could be a challenge, especially If you use a public transport.

Many places can be visited over a long weekend such as 3 nights & 4 days trip. If you want to go there quickly with less hustle with research,  a quick and wallet-friendly trip by public transportation suggestion in the information package PDF is obtainable from this website.

Hope we can organise a tour one day but at the moment, based on the information, you can plan to go there easily with less research hustle.

You can have the information packed PDF from here,  starting from Ggantija Temple, National Shrine of the Blessed Virgin of Mary on Gozo in Malta.