★ Sep 22nd – Ideal Partner Attraction & Sacred Womb Crystal Healing. Semi-Private Session

 Ideal Partner Attraction & Sacred Womb Crystal Healing  – Semi Private Session
– Law of Attraction: Hands on practice for your love life transformation.
– Anyone can attend.

Do you know this year is the year for you to be able to access what you want in life?

Additionally, this session is conducted at the Venus time, Venus hours and in the Venus month, which means you will have more powerful loving energy transmission from the planet to attract an ideal partner.

If you have been single and haven’t met an ideal partner, this is the time for you to shift your emotional, mental, physical and energetic patterns to create opportunities to meet ideal partner candidates.

There should be a pattern why you are attracting someone not suitable, bad boys/girls, or why you cannot meet anyone ideal. Workshop offers a dating mentoring and coaching as well as plenty of hands on energetic transformational time for you to transform with higher vibrational energies.

This is a group format but in a small number of people as a semi-private session. Only up to 6 people can attend.  Anyone can attend.

– Essential Keys to attract ideal partners and build a better, intimate relationship.
– Learn the Law of Vibration for a relationship and apply it to manifest.
– Group coaching time: explorer what you really feel and what you really want.
– Energy work: Release Ancestral Karmic energy,  DNA re-write, group healing, your own energy maintenance, and more (secret parts).
– Goddess Aphrodite and Venus Energy Transmission to raise your love and beauty vibration.
– Reality Check: Hands on Practical Essential Keys: what you should avoid and what you can do for you, yourself,  to become more attractive.
– Psychic reading included brief QA time.
Sacred Womb Crystal Healing Transformation to transform your energy and patterns. – If you often have VB, STD, inflammation, period crump, etc,, join and heal your womb. Mind and Body are all related.

Time and Date: Fri 22nd Sep 2017, 18:45 – 21:35 (2h 50min)
Booking Deadline: 19th Tue 18:00
Location: Covent Garden.

Minimum participants: from 2 persons, up to 6 persons.

Fee: Early Bird Offer. Now it is 240 pounds. (on the door, 300 pounds only by cash)

Booking: Please contact us for booking by email.
– Please pay by bank transfer within 48 hours of your booking to pay by the early bird rate.
– If by Paypal, it will be plus +5% additionally.
– After Sep 21st 12noon, please pay by Paypal or by cash on the door.

What to bring  and what to wear
– Please bring a pen, notebook, water bottle and the pre-assignment.
– please wear a V-neck T shirt to place stones on your skin directly.
– Yoga mat will be provided but you can bring your own if you would like.

Please note
– Please arrive in time. Door will open 5 min before.
– 50% cancelation charge within 5 days, 100% cancelation charge will be applied within 72 hours.