★Sep 23rd – 25th – Autumn Equinox Special 50 min Private session Offers

★Sep 23rd – 25th – Autumn Equinox Special 50 min Private session Offers
– Anyone can book.

Autumn equinox is the official first day of the Autumn season start, and you can have extra energetic boost to release blockages within you, leap the harvest and manifest your dreams and wishes.

Available sessions are below for 50 min /session up two 2 slots. You can combine them if you book 2 slots (100 min).
– Talking therapy and consultation
– Usui Reiki
– Quantum Emotional release and Psychosomatic session
– Energy Balance and chakra and aura healing
– Emotional cord cutting and healing
– Emotional healing with crystal healing
– Usui reiki and body massage combination
– Psychic reading, tarot, channeling
– 26 DNA Activation (2 lots required).
– Psychosomatic healing with past life regression (2 slots required).

What is included in a customised session
– brief consultation
– energetic assessment
– energetic treatment
– short feedback

Recommended treatment suggestion if you are not sure what you want.
– consultation
– energetic assessment
– Emotional NLP and talking therapy combined session to release toxic and painful memories out of your mind, body and emotion to transform your energy and life. Highly recommended if you have any unknown pain, anxiety, etc.
– If you want to go back to the past and release changes from the past lives as well, please book 2 slots in row (There is more time to do a deeper work, but past life treatment depends on your consciousness needs. If your consciousness can and want to access, it is possible).
– short feedback

Time and date: Sep 23rd- 25th  12:00-19:00. 50 min session/per slot.
Please email us with 2-3 preferred time slots, and which session you would like to have.

Booking and Payment
* Sessions fee
– First time customer: Payment by Paypal : 80 pounds for 50 min session between 12noon-3pm on weekdays. 90 pounds for 50 min session after-3pm on weekdays and Sat.
– Existing customer:  payment by Paypal: 90 pounds per 50 min session.

Online payment is from here.

Terms and Conditions
– Please arrive in time and wait in the reception on the first floor as the session will be conducted as scheduled.
– Fee will not be refunded for a late arrival, no show and within 72h cancelation.
– Cancelation & rescheduling policy: within 72hours of your booking, it is 100% charged. Please notify if you need to make a change by email as soon as possible. Rescheduling is applicable at a special offer is within the special offer period.
– Important: if you already know you have attachments, symptoms, or possessed, it is highly recommended to book the Quantum Block Release session. But we can offer you the energetic assessment and a treatment on this day if you book one of the sessions.
– a day before your appointment: Please do not drink alcohol and take any substances. Please sleep well as well.