★Sep Equinox Newsletter – Time to create better relationships and get the life you want

How have you been?

Summer seems to be gone and the Autumn will start officially on the Autumn equinox day,  23rd. This is the season to get the harvest and you can enjoy what you have achieved with focus, commitment and passion. Some of you can enjoy the harvest and others may be still struggling. Even if you are in a struggling situation, you are still learning and getting something out of it though everyone desires to get what they want.

If you are not receiving what you want, what is stopping you?

In order to manifest something, we need to go through the certain energetic steps on top of the physical activities and actions. Even if you do many things and things are not working, you should be able to review and understand what is not working, but it would not be easy to see what is actually missing or lacking if you are in the situation. Third party professional with expertise can see quite often what is an issue and a possible option to solve a situation with divine guidance. That’s why it is good to have a psychic healer, mentor or a coach. In my experiences, if a conventional coach or mentor has a psychic capacity to download divine guidance with life experience, balance and maturity, it is even better. Our school has this capacity and offers services.

★Sep 23rd – 25th – Autumn Equinox Special 50 /100 min Private session Offers
Autumn equinox is the official first day of the Autumn season start, and you can have extra energetic boost to release blockages within you, leap the harvest and manifest your dreams and wishes.
For further information, please visit the website from the link. 

★28th Sat 15:00 – 18:00 –New Moon day – Law of Attraction for an Ideal Partner/Mate Attraction & Venus Magic @ Bond st
Attend this workshop when the planet of love and beauty, Venus energy is very strong to attract an ideal partner. It is designed to receive more powerful love and beauty energy of Venus.

If you keep repeating same troubles or dysfunctional patterns in relationships and dating, it may be time for you to learn and make a change isn’t it? Even if you go out, you may not be able to attract right people or can maintain a loving relationship.

Details and booking -> https://uk.gfls.co.uk/law-of-attraction-for-an-ideal-partnermate-attraction-venus-energy-work/

Water Purification work 
The goddess of the Ookawa waterfall in Yakushima is working with us to clean the water. If you would like to part of the water purification energy work, i will post the info on the website sometime towards the end of Sep, so you can become a part of the water purification programme and contribute to the earth. In Tokyo, there was a very dirty river and the first thing you notice is about the bad small coming from this river. I was passing by there for 5 days so 5 days in row, working together with the waterfall goddess and kept sending the purification energy twice a day, and then the bad smell stopped. Details of this programme will be posted soon.

Events in Sep and Oct onwards

  • In addition to our events, there are special offers as well. Galactic Remote session, full moon event, and more are available. Please find more details from the link here.

Feel free to contact us and have a great day.




★26 or 40 DNA Activation
Have a look at the following sessions and activate or upgrade your core and divine energy for  the new year as your divine life creator. You are the director of your own life, isn’t it? If not, activate this energy and change your life.

– 26DNA or 40 DNA Activation  –  face to face session only
– Class 1 – protection and energy management  – online or face to face.

Life Consultation You can book a Psychic Reading

How to book our session  – please check our Contact page and send us an email.