★Sep Newsletter- Energy Creation to BE YOU this month. KNOW THYSELF.

”Know Thyself”


How have you been? 
How was your summer?

I am back in London now,  and online sessions are available from Wed Sep 9th, and then face to face sessions in London around from 11th/13th/17th. 

I was in Japan for 5 months and noticed a lot of differences of how two governments deal with Covid issues. Japanese government communicate a lot via TV and newspapers,  and provide detailed analysis, breakdown of the contracted people with how they got contracted, what to avoid (3C – Closed space, crowded, and close conversation), what symptoms you would get and how to avoid, etc, which all gives better ideas of how not to get contracted with Covid. There IS a high risk of severe after-effects for the rest of your life, so please stay away even now from crowd, pubs, indoor restaurants, concerts, large social events, any closed space for your own well-beings.

UK’s contracted cases are still high, way over 1600 daily, which is way too high. In Japan, we are making a lot of fuss even if it is below 500 total in a day. (this is why Japan is an exemption from 14 day quarantine if people come straight from there. Unfortunately, I was transiting via Amsterdam for 2h 🙁 …). 

You can avoid any unnecessary social outings and wear a mask not to get contracted. 

From a spiritual point of view, if you are aligned with your own divine energy, it is said you can avoid getting contracted though there is no scientific proof on this. 

So, lets’ talk about what’s coming from now in Sep and what we need to do. 

Sep energy is to create the energy for you to ”BE YOU”. 
As the ascension is being processed, it is getting clearer that some people are moving to the path to the higher dimension and others are staying in the same dimension and continue to learn what they haven’t finished learning yet. There is no right or wrong, but it is just how it is. 

Whatever the path you are on, guidance coming from the Hierarchy is to GET TO KNOW YOURSELF in this month, ”Know Thyself”. 

During my break in August, I have withdrawn from all the work and external social communications, and reviewed about myself and my family, my environment, my energy, etc, which gave me a lot of insights and understanding about me, family, my direction, social influence, etc. as well as receiving a lots of maintenance sessions for the better balance and clearer energy. 

We want to have a happy, joyful life but somewhere within you, you yourself may be stopping it, which is blocking you to move on in life, get what you want to get and become happy. Sounds familiar?  

If you want to change your life, you need to understand about you, and release blockages. Therefore, this month, we offer various programs to release blockages AND set your energy to realize who you really are, and make your wishes come true. 

How to change your life then?  – 1 – Special offer to change your mind patterns and your language as well as the energy work – on-going for now. 
Your blockages are expressed in your language and words you use in your daily life, so energy work is great but it would be even more powerful to make a change from HOW to THINK, which is expressed in your words and behaviours. As a limited offer, this session is available to change patterns in your mind and the energy is available, which is the Dream Manifestation Session. For more info, please click the link below. 

★Dream Manifestation – Block Release & Your Divine Energy Alignment Creation – Private Session

How to change your life?  2  – with Sanatokumara’s Clearing in 3 areas on Tue night. 
Sanatokumara is the highly advanced Ascended Master in charge of expelling negative energies and create the Heave on earth. He and his team will help you in three areas of your life by a group remote session. 
– Money blockages to release 
– Love and Sex blockages to release
– Career and business development to advance. 

on Tue night in Sep. 

For example, if you have a tendency to have multiple sex partners and seek for short-term pleasures randomly, it is quite often you are attached by evil spirits causing it. 

Another example is that if you cannot make money, you or your ancestors are heavily grudged and jealoused by other people, which is causing your money circulation stuck, unless you didn’t damage someone else’s business or stole the money, or not making efforts physically. . 

These are just an example, and as you can see things are happening in the intangible world as well as the tangible world. We need to approach to both in order to make a change. 

 For further information, please find more details from the link below. This will be offered monthly so it would be better if you could receive the sessions in all the three areas as they are interrelated each other. 

★ 15th Tue   Sanatokumara Block Release Remote Group session  – For money and income
★ 22nd Tue  Sanatokumara Block Release Remote Group session  – For love & Sex
★ 29th Tue  Sanatokumara Block Release Remote Group session  – For Career and Business

How to change your life?  3  – New Moon day Know Thyself Group Session by Zoom  on Sep 17th.
This is to explorer your resources, positive and negative, and find out what you think about you and your identity. There are many basic techniques to make a change in your life, and you can leave the burdens from your shoulders. 

You may realize how much burdens you have on your shoulders, which is NOT yours. 

For example, I had a deep realization of how much burden I had from someone very close as my boundary was not solid enough during the break, which was going on for years long. 

This month, new moon is the Virgo new moon in Virgo month ruled by Mercury, which means it is a good time for you to go WITHIN communicating with your inner world, and then execute your action plans to make a change. 

In order to make your participation better, we will assign you a code name on Zoom and you can express yourself freely and share what you want, without a video usage. Then you can keep your privacy. 

Seats are limited. 

For more info, please click the link below. 

How to change your life?  4  – Autumn Equinox Karma Release & Self-realization Remote Group Session on Sep 22nd. 
Equinox day is a very powerful day. It is the first day of the autumn, and you would be able to receive all the ”harvest’ you have been creating. This year is a very difficult year for many of us, and the school offers a session to release your unwanted karma as much as possible talking with the Lord of Karmic Council, and you will have more space to receive the Galactic light for a Self-realization to make a change in your life. Rare offer and highly recommended. 

For more info, you can find if via the link. 

How to change your life?  5  – DNA Activation upgrade, face to face session, 
If you haven’t received a DNA Activation and upgraded your energy in this year, it is highly recommended to upgrade your energy, as this aligns your energy with your divine essence during the ascension time. DNA Activation is a verified modality by King Solomon over 3000 years ago as a universal modality working for everyone,  

Now lockdown is lifted and I’m back in London, so you can receive 40 DNA or AK2 DNA Activation at Bond street or London Liverpool street.

If the second wave is going to kick in with a spike, I would probably go back home again, maybe around in Dec, earliest in Nov, depending on the situation, so, you can utilize your opportunities as much as possible.  


IMPORTANT  – If you would like to book a face to face session, 
– please read how to book a session from here in advance. 
– All the therapy centres have more strict rules, so please make sure you have NO symptoms, No coughing, and not contracted with Corona, otherwise you may not be able to get into the buildings. It may be best if you could take a free home-Covid test which is available from NHS before you come to a face to face session. 
– It is recommended to book an online session if it is available. We will book you a face to face session if its online version is not available. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. 


Feel free to make a query and have a good week! 
Looking forward to seeing you soon, 

Thank you.