★Sep 20th and 24th – Mind & Body Detox Meditation and Muscle Relaxation Massage Class – Special Offer

** Deadline by Fri 23rd of Sep at 12noon **


Have you ever heard that mind and body are all connected each other?

If you get tensed and stressed mentally, your muscle does get tensed. The other way around, it is also the same.

In order to have a flexible, soft, smooth muscle and express your amazing inner and outer beauty physically and emotionally, you can detox and develop your mental and emotional peace of mind by attending our Mind Body Detox Meditation as long as you take care of your muscle

At our class, you can learn how to soften up your muscle as a self-help from an ITEC 3 qualified massage therapist.

Please find the outline below for the class and book your seat.

Time and Date:
– Sep 20th (Tue) 12:00 – 13:00 (60 mins)
– Sep 24th (Tue) 16:15 – 17:45 (90 mins)

Location: Bond Street, 5 min walk. (Location will be notified 3 days before)

–        Mind Body Stress Detox guided meditation by the experienced meditation and holistic teacher.
–        You will be guided to clear mind clatters and stuck energies out of your 7 chakras.
–        You will be guided to release pain, stress, heavy emotions out of your body parts you feel uncomfortable.
–        You will learn how to soften up your neck and shoulder areas by a simple massage technique by the experienced and qualified ITEC 3 massage therapist.
–        You will be supported to practice and massage your neck and shoulders, and learn how to help yourself at home.

Booking and Payment (Early Bird available)
–        Please book your seat and pay from the below link by Paypal payment.
–        Seats are limited, so first come first served!
–        On the day, if seats are available you can attend the class by 15 pounds cash payment.
–        Please note that it is not refundable unless classes are cancelled.
–        Please wait in the lobby 5 min before and we will run the class as scheduled.


Payment and booking link for Tue 20th (Early Bird offer!)


Payment and booking link for Sat 24th (Early Bird offer!)





0796 991 8772