★ Soul Connection Group Online Session ★ – ‘Know Thyself’

Why are you living on Earth?
What is your identity?

What’s your gift?
What do you do?
Who are you?
Why are you here?

Are you doing what you want to do?

Why was I born in this country?
Why this family?
Why this mother?
Why this father?

What am I feeling?
Do I like it?
Don’t I like it?
Am I happy

When influenced by various external matters, many people become lost, don’t know who they are, what they want to do, why they are here, why they are living their lives, they cannot make decisions, they cannot move forward, or they cannot make choices.

By first knowing yourself, you can understand yourself, understand others, society, and your own life, and your life will start transforming.

This group session supports you to become connected with your emotions, heart, your soul and your energy. You don’t think with your head, but allow yourself to

– Feel
– Understand yourself

This is the first step to transform yourself.

The main work is to quieten your mind, to feel your own heart and energy, and to connect. It is like a guided meditation, more like a silent/void meditation to have your own space, time and connection. The autonomic nervous system will also be calmed and balanced as well.

We will briefly share what we feel and notice at the end (if you do not want to share, it is fine too).

Times and Date
– 1 hour on video Zoom. If you are comfortable by video zoom, you can attend this. If you don’t want to show your face on video zoom, please do not book this group session.  
Please find the date and time from the What’s on page.

– For the first time
£5 sign up from the Eventbrite page
– After the first attendance £10 by Paypal payment here

– We will send you a booking confirmation with the zoom link to the email you used for the payment. Please make sure you have received the link in advance, and confirm the time and date.
– Time and date will be updated weekly.

Terms and Conditions
– A Zoom link will be emailed to you after you book. If you don’t receive it please contact in advance at least 3-4 h before.
– Please join us on time on the day. You can participate even if you are late, but after the group session started, the sound will be muted to enter the group session.
– Please allow participants to see each other’s face and expressions by the Zoom video, and we will be feeling comfortable who the participants are. If you don’t want to attend by video zoom, please do not book this group session.  Please make sure your video camera works in advance.
– Please note that there will be no refund and no transfer after the booking.