Sat 20th & Thur 25th of June – First 8 Persons Free!- Usui Reiki Healing Group Sharing and True-You Awakening

First 8 Persons Free!- Usui Reiki Healing Group Sharing and True-You Awakening

We will be ending one cycle next week and new cycle will start from 16th of June on the Gemini New Moon day. You can join us our New Moon Day Workshops, but this is another one to transform you and your life.


On Thur 25th of June @ Covent Garden in London,

Original Pure Usui Reiki Healing Group Sharing

We will be offering a free Usui Reiki Healing Group Sharing. We would like as many people as possible to experience the original, non-diluted Usui Reiki energy which can powerfully heal physically, mentally and emotionally. While Usui Reiki was spreading out to foreign countries out of Japan, its contents and attunment method were modified, added, deleted, mixed with something else, and in the end it does not really keep the original pure Usui Reiki, and it’s not that powerful to heal and transform us.

Kay is a Japanese Master teacher who teaches non-diluted Original Japanese Usui Reiki and offers this sharing with participants for people to experience its original Reiki and its energy.

Receive Guidance from your Higherself and Guardians

We will also include time for participants to explorer what is going on within them with becoming connected with their own Higherself and Guardians in the safely protected space with high vibration, which makes you easier to become connected with the Light-beings. You can receive guidance from them.

True-You Awakening
Towards the end, you will be gently guided to be relaxed/hypnotised, access your subconscious mind and explorer what you can achieve as True-You. We are more than just a human, but are divine being embedded within us.

Towards the end, you can ask questions about Usui Reiki within time allowance.

Seats are limited and it is recommended to book quickly if you would like to join us.

★Date and Time:
1) First 8 persons free – Sat 20th of June. 18:00 – 19:15 (including 10-15 min QA time)
2) First 4 persons free – Thur 25th of June. 18:00 – 19:15 (including 10-15 min QA time)

– exact location will be notified 2 days before of the event and please check your inbox two days before.
– Venue is 4 min from Covent Garden. Please wait on the ground level or you can explorer shops nearby. Please arrive in time 2-3 min before and wait for me on the ground level.

Fee and Payment to reserve your seat
– First 8 persons/4 persons will be able to join this event free of charge. Just simply Email us.
– After 8 people/4 persons are signed up, Early Bird Offer is available from the link below.



– Please arrive 2-3 min before.
– After all the free spots are full, Early Bird Offer is available.
– Fee is not refundable.
– Door will be shut before 19:00 and please arrive in time. Otherwise, you cannot get in.

Looking forward to meeting you soon.