Wake Up Your Dormant Talents and Become Truly Who You Are.

London is really getting freezing cold. Maybe because I just came back from the sunny and warm paradise but layers of clothes feel like not enough to keep the body temperature. I’m working on the UK Paradise project lol.


In order to circulate my energy better and warm up, I was jogging yesterday and today. Jogging is not really my favourite workout but it makes a tangible change in my body temperature, blood circulation and energy circulation. Try and join me? It also helps maintain your body shape and health too. One client did a high five yesterday with me to make a commitment to work out at least once a week yesterday, ideally twice or three times a week.


I was getting together with my psychic friend to catch up today. Of course lots of talk about Hawaii and Los Angels experiences from my end and he had his agenda to share. Right after he saw me, he could see my energy was completely shifted. Yes, I knew that but didn’t tell him. Hawaiian energy did, Fire Goddess Pele also helped me, but surprisingly last kick was coming in from my good friend in LA. It was totally unexpected. Little bit of couple of pieces were left within me but it was totally melted just talking with him and receiving one simple short but compassionate and caring hug in LA, not on the Hawaiian beaches. “Giver”’s hug is deep energetically.  


I noticed this in a second. It just happened. I didn’t tell him but scanning the energy there was telling me that he had his hidden talents, healing hands and its vibration. It also shows in his birth chart. Lots of water signs at the key positions, and very intuitive. Before he was making a career change, he was a computer and IT guy. Within the 7 years, he made a career change to become an actor, director and a writer. I can see the potential there too. But he has his hidden talents which I wasn’t aware of 7 years ago, which is awakening. He wasn’t interested in any spiritual things probably before, but now is interested in how the energy works and asked me a question on protections and energy.


This is just one example but many more people are awakening with their true talents. In prior to that, maybe the path may not be easy and some people are experiencing tremendous difficulties, I’m no exception. After the deep darkness, light will be coming in. Best is to face the darkness, tackle it and find the light, which is your path. If you avoid it and don’t work on that, you are merely avoiding it and the energy is still left there without being solved. Everyone fears changes and wants to avoid pain. However, after facing it and working on it, you can find the light, which is the true reward and you are making a progress.


This year, I felt one huge cycle was finishing, which was based on the old contract in the past 2 years, 7 years, and even governing me in the past 32 years. My psychic friend was also sensing it. Since we were reading each other naturally while talking, he just told me what I was really feeling this year. Since he also has the business background, we can also talk about how to develop things productively and realistically to develop things. He was also telling me what I was thinking and visualizing for the future just as an idea, nothing concrete, but sensed a good vibration there. His birth chart was really interesting and he has many earth elements, which means he can generate actual changes tangibly, deliver the final products. It’s good to have a psychic friend to talk anything openly and help each other.


My new cycle started this year but wasn’t really active, but it is now deeply kicking in. I’m the one drawing any creation of my life on the white campus. No one else. Even my support group in upstairs. It’s not the time for me to make any definite decisions yet. Life creation as a human on this earth is mine, and it does not belong to anyone else. I’m not resisting against this flow and it makes me easier to go with the flow, “Now”. Some of you may be probably feeling this way too? Nothing is easy, but things happen step by step. It may be a co-incidence that the past 7 years cycle which was my special cycle, was the time for me not seeing my good old friend in LA. I happened to be stuck at LA this time, but it is not a coincidence. Nothing happens randomly.




Hope as many people as possible are awakening and fulfil their journeys as much as possible.


We are not here to live someone else’s life.

We are not here to hurt others and trouble others.

We are not here to be told what to do by anyone else.

You are the sole decision maker of your life and have all the responsibilities on the outcome.

There is nothing right or wrong but you can decide what you want to experience.

All the life experiences can show you the way which you truly can pursue, however painful.  


Your spirit is watching all and is happy to experience whatever you are going through.

Life gives you a series of experiences, but it’s important to be on your path.


To make a shift, 32+ DNA Activation and Goddess Pele Transformation Work are available.



Love and Light to your journey and have a happy weekend.