★ Mandatory Procedure to Book a Face-to- Face Session in London

Thank you for waiting.

Face to face session is also available now in London UK.

Due to the Corona virus prevention, please read carefully below if you would like to book a face to face session, and book a session only if you agree with the following requirements ;


Update on Sep 18th-
– We would like to you have a Covid-test and get the result before you come to a face to face session. However, it may not be available in London. If it is available, please take a Covid-test in advance.
– So for a time-being until a test becomes available, please contact us and book a session only if you have no symptoms of fever over 37c, coughing, and loss of senses in the last 14 days. You are also required to wear a mask or a visor in the therapy room during the session.
– You can book a face to face session If you can agree with the above, Otherwise, you can book an online session. Reasons are explained below and please read it carefully. Thank you in advance.
– If you don’t like to wear a mask or a visor, sorry for any inconvenience caused but you can wait to book a face to face session until pandemic stops.

Important – Please take a free Covid-test to receive before meeting at a face to face session, Please try and take it as much as possible.
Since the number of contracted cases is increasing currently, we have introduced a mandatory procedure to ask you to take a free Covid-19 test which is available from the government website to make sure your own well-being, therapist, other clients and staff at the therapy centre as you will spend some time with us in the room.
Even if you are positive, sometimes it does not show any symptoms. If you come to a session with even a slight symptom of Covid-19, you are risking everyone’s well-being and also the therapy centre may be forced to shut down in the worst case.
– Even though the test result shows only the status of the day you took the test, it is one tangible safety measurement useful for you and everyone in the same building. Thank you for your cooperation in advance even though you may not like it.
– Additionally, you should also let us know if you become positive after as the government now has a system to track all the Covid-positive people to stop spreading further.
You can arrange to receive a free Covid-19 test home kit from the government, at least 14-10 days before of your session from this link, Test it and get the result.
– It takes time to get a result 5-7 days, so please make sure to arrange to get a kit at least 14-10 days before. (If you cannot get it online, please try and find a local test centre near you).
Once you get the result as negative, please email us with its picture at least 3 days before of your session, and you can come to a face to face session.
– If your result comes back as positive, we will cancel your session, or you can have any other preferred online session, and then can reschedule your face to face session once you become negative.
– Sorry for any inconvenience caused, but UK’s contracted cases are increasing, not reducing. We will update our procedure depending on the pandemic situation.

In case of another London lockdown, or you suspect you will become unwell soon.
– If it happens and you have a session coming, we will refund you. Otherwise, please note that the standard cancelation policy applies to all the session within 48 or 72 hours of your session. Please read the terms and conditions in advance before you book.
– If you suspect you might become unwell before the session, please cancel your session at least 72 hours before of your session.
– We highly recommend you to book a face to face session soon before a possible lockdown may be placed.

Available sessions for a face to face session at the therapy rooms:
– Due to the Covid situation, you can book a face to face session if your preferred session is not available online or as a remote session. Applied sessions are DNA Activation, King Solomon healing, Archangel Michael Initiation Seminar, Reiki Seminar, etc.
– If a session is available as a remote session or an online session, please book your session as an online zoom or as a phone session, such as Reiki, healing, psychic reading, Quantum Psychosomatic emo detox session and more.
– This is to reduce the risk of getting contracted with the virus as much as possible under this circumstances, until the pandemic gets ceased as a tentative procedure.

At the therapy centre 
– For your safety, we have a new procedure as follow;
– All the therapy rooms will have a window open for the ventilation purpose.
– We will remove virus as much as possible in between sessions from chairs and a treatment table, so you are allowed to get into the building only 5 min before and will be requested to leave the room as scheduled. Please wait in the reception area of the building.
– Treatment table would not have a cover, but will be covered with a disposable couch roll (paper).
– Please wash your hands before your session, or use an anti-virus gel to clean your hands at the reception.
– For a good ventilation, a window and a door will be opened all the time, which means you may hear more noise from the outside, which we cannot control unfortunately. You may need to have a jacket just in case.
– For your privacy, during the counselling and feedback time, we will shut the door. During the energy work, we will leave the door open slightly for a ventilation purpose.
– There will be no personal contact like hugs and hand-shaking. Massage session will not be available for a time-being.

What you need to be aware of for a face to face session before booking.
–  You need to be healthy in the last 14 days without Corona symptoms. 
– If you are coughing even slightly or / and have a fever, we recommend you NOT to book a face to face session as there is a risk you may not be able to enter beyond the reception of the building, and your session may get cancelled. 
–  Please make sure that you have no Covid symptom, no coughing, no fever, no dullness, no tasteless sense or smell.
– Please wear a mask. If not wearing, you will be refused to enter into the building and receive a session. You need to wear a mask during the session as well.
– If your family/house mates in the same house is contracted within the past 14 days, please avoid booking a face to face session. 
‐ Please avoid 3C (closed space, crowd, close distance from others), including pubs, restaurants, bars, clubs, conferences, festivals, etc. 
– You are not allowed to bring friends or family unless they are part of the session. 
– Any friends or family will not be permitted to wait inside of the therapy centre.
– You have to leave the building immediately when the session is end as scheduled.
– You may have to sign in at the reception to enter the therapy centre.

– In case you cannot get into the therapy room, your session will be changed to an available remote session as an alternative session. In this case, we will be using a skype or mobile phone to conduct a session, and you will stay outside somewhere. In this case, please note that your session may be changed to an available remote session without any extra fee. There will be no refund available.
– In case you cannot get into the therapy room: If you want to cancel the session including an alternative remote session, 100% cancellation fee will be charged even in this case as the school offers you an alternative available remote session not to waste your money. You can re-book your preferred face to face session later when you are completely healthy but you need to pay its fee. 
– You are allowed to get into the building only 5 min before of your session start. 
– Due to the Corona virus, there are strict rules applied like the above by the therapy centres so if you can accept the above conditions, we are happy to see you face to face for your treatments. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.