★ July Channelling Message – Flow in July, Special Offer in Aug, High Frequency Meditation


How are you?

How are things with you after the summer Solstice day? This day was the very powerful day to shift our energetic flow.

I personally experienced various different things which are powerfully impacting the process of my thought patterns and emotional patterns.

For example, I met the Indian meditation teacher, kind of a monk, from India in June. What he was telling us was basically the same universal principles which I teach in the Kabalah Mentoring course, however, what I was impressed about him was his energy. When he stepped in the room, his energy changed the energy in the room. Shifted. His calm energy had power to calm the mind of people who listened to him. I could also have brief time to talk with him and his stance to me was sincere, thinking about my situation and me. It was not about him, not about how experienced he was, and it was not about what he has done so far and it was not about how to impress me. I think this is a very important attitude and basic attitude as a person who works as a therapist or a person to help other people.

Basic concept of his work is how to awaken people from the soul level, and he simply helps others.

So, what has been your experiences this year? Any changes? Stuck? Any breakthrough?

Channelling Message for July
In July after the summer solstice, flow is a bit settled. There was the energy up to June to push us to think about what we want to do, who we are, what are our gifts. Many people around me are also experiencing changes and wonder what to do in the future trying to figure out.

In July, this flow is a bit settled and many people have a basic or vague idea which direction to head to, but not quite fully figured out yet what exactly to do. This is not the time yet for us to make a final decision, but to do some research to find out a future direction.

In July what we need is patience, resonance with the heart, and efforts to research and experience to make a final decision in the future. If you need, it would be also good to step back and to have enough private time to ponder and feel what you really want.

For coming month, you can find our events and sessions’ info to support your transformation, and please see below.

1)     Aug 11th – Clearing Meditation @ Covent Garden Would you like to clear your mind and have peace of mind? Please check our What’s on page and make a booking
2)     Aug 11th – High Frequency Meditation and Unlock the Power Within @ Covent Garden
After the Clearing meditation (part 1), you can have the High Energy Transmission work and Unlock the Power within (part2). Please check our What’s on page and make a booking.
3)   Aug 16th – Remote Group Session – Galactic Light Body Transformation & Activation After the Clearing meditation (part 1), you can have the High Energy Transmission work and Unlock the Power within (part2). Please check our What’s on page and


4)     Aug 22nd – Special Healing Offer
One of our well trained school initiates and Reiki therapists is receiving the advanced level psychic healing training (level 4A-Emotional Release Training). If you would like to book a special rate healing session, please see below and book your seat.

– August 22nd Mon night 19:20 for 45-50 min session.
– Energy scanning, emotional healing, Reiki, Crystal Healing, energy clearing and release
– Venue@ Covent Garden
–  Fee: 15 pounds (non-refundable) in advance payment by bank transfer or Paypal.

Please email me and book your seat. For only one person.

5)   Others
Michael Initiation Seminar, Reiki seminar are also planned. If you are interested in, please contact me.

6)   Session dates in the Summer in London
Currently you can book remote/skype sessions. You can book a face to face session in London anytime after Aug 11th.

Have a good summer and feel free to contact me for queries and bookings.


Love and Light