Various Connection Events

Various Connection Events

Below connection events may be offered after a monthly meditation event (Irregular) as the Part 2.

B) Combination with the Past Life Regression
Do you believe in the “past life”? Many of us have had thousands of past lives before we were born here again in this modern age. In your past lives, you were different people: different nationalities, genders, ages, with different looks, had different families and with  different social statuses. We reincarnate continually for different reasons.

On this day, you will meet your friends and families, but they will look different and they will not be playing the same roles as families and friends in your current life time. For example, your mother can be your brother in your past life. Our past lives often give some influence to our current life. How and Why?

You will be guided to visit one of your past lives which is  affecting you the most in your current life/situation/issue. You will be hypnotized  gently and will be in a calm, and peaceful trance state and in a very safe  space. Then you will be guided to visit your past life. When you start seeing  your past life and exploring, you may be sensing and seeing it in a different  way from what you expected or heard about before.

After you visit your past life, you will be guided gently back to your body and will share what you saw. You may understand why you saw that particular past life and how it is influencing your current life. This experience can show you yourself, and your life, from a different perspective. You will be able to experience the fact that we are not only human, and that there is in fact, much more to us than our current life.

C) Combination with the Guardian Angel Connection Workshop

Who are the Guardian Angels and what do they do for us? Do I have a Guardian Angel? Do they have any specific tasks? Why are they with us? Can they help us?

If they can help us, why do we still have challenges in our lives even though  we have “guardian angels”?

In this workshop, – You will learn briefly what angels do for us humans, and what  associations they have with us. (If you are not familiar with angels, it is recommended to attend the Archangel & Angel workshop as an introduction). – We will explore more specifically who are the Guardian Angels for each of us as each of us has a different one. – You will be guided and explore which angels you are connected with personally – You will find what kind of roles Guardian Angels play for you. – You will sense and make a connection with them.

D) Combination with the Unlock the Power Within Workshop

Since Sat March 1st in 2014, New Moon Day of the Aquarius era, energy has been shifted for you to live as “you” independently in your own unique way. We can release old energies and start a new cycle with the completely new energy coming down on this planet. You can join us for our special workshop to unlock the power within you. You will experience – Unlocking your power within with the Special divine Code and the ancient wisdom – Activating your energy by special meditation and attracting abundance.

Fee: Depends on the event and please find it from the What’s on page.

Terms and Conditions
– Please arrive 5 mins before the starting time. We will start on time.
– 100% cancellation policy is applied unless your cancellation is notified 72 hours before.
– Please email or text us at least 72 hours before if you cannot make it.
– Specific event has its own payment instruction and cancellation policy. Please check them.

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