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Amaterasu 28 DNA Activation Session Introduction – YouTube

Stage 2 – Intuition & Psychic Sense Development Course & Exercise -> Available

As of May 11th, 2021.

    • Face to face session in London 
      • Available up to 2.5h session and classes for psychic healing sessions, Reiki, and energy session (not for counseling, classes or psychic reading, talking type of sessions for now).
      • Psychic reading, talking therapy, counseling, consultation – please book online.
      • Online sessions are available as well.
      • For a massage session – please have a Covid-test in advance too irrespective of a vaccination.
      • Our therapist have a regular Covid-test.
    • Opening hours – UK time 11:30 am – 20:00. Tue – Fri.  Sat 12:00-18:00.
    • Please read before you book a face-to-face session in advance.
      • Covid-19 test negative result is required before we arrange a session.
      • You need to be Covid-symptoms free totally / negative in the last 3 weeks.
        • If you have any Covid symptoms of slight coughing, fever, fatigue, etc please do not book a session and cancel your booked sessions. Otherwise, your future face-to-face session will not be accepted until Covid is gone totally.
        • Even if you have a regular face to face session, please tell us if you start coughing or get unwell at least 48h/24h before, and reschedule or cancel your session.
        • Please note: we will cancel your session if we find you have a covid symptom, especially coughing, fever, a frequent clearing throat,  even after we meet in the therapy room and the cancellation fee will be charged 100%. So please be mindful.  You may say it is a cold but if you have a cold symptom that is similar to Covid, it cannot be an excuse and please cancel your sessions beforehand. We understand you book a session with the agreement of our terms and conditions.
      • Everyone is required to wear a mask/face cover during the session in the therapy center once you enter the building
      • If you don’t usually wear a mask/face cover when you are out in public and not following the governmental order such as distancing, no mixing, wearing a face cover, etc., please book only online sessions as a face to face session with you gives us therapists and staff a higher risk of being contracted with Covid. You can do anything for your wellbeing at your responsibility, but please be considerate of the risk for other people and its long-term negative effects (Long Covid) you may be causing. Possibly the rest of life as a risk.
      • If you had a vaccination
        • It is reported that there may be a covid positive reaction for 1-14 days.
        • If you had a vaccination, please leave a minimum of 3 weeks and then book a session. Please let us know when you had a vaccination with a certificate photo by email attachment.  
        • Please also wear a mask during the session and follow the regular Covid protocols.
      • If you just came back from overseas, please refrain from booking a face to face session for 3 weeks of your day of arrival in the UK and take a PCR test before you book a face to face session.
    • We will leave a window open slightly for ventilation purpose, so please bring a jacket or a sweater to wear during a session just in case.
    • We are wearing a PPE and a mask (and maybe a visor too, depending on the session).


Regular hours
 Tue –  Fri 11:30  – 20:00 / Sat 12noon – 18:00 UK time.
Please email us with your preferred session, its length and 2-3 preferred time altogether by email.


Which session is good for you, if you are not sure?
– If you are not sure which session or class to book, you can book a short 15-30 min consultation and assessment session.
– Or we recommend you an Amaterasu 28 DNA Activation Session or Quantum Block Release session as the first one but it depends on your needs.

Event Schedule

Goddess Amaterasu Clearing Online Session
★ Amaterasu 28 DNA Activation Session
★ Awaken Your Divinity within Programme 1 – A secret Message from a difficult relationship with your parents’ course.

Reiki Seminar level 1 – Introduction and Self-healing – Please contact us.
Archangel Michael Initiation Group Seminar – Please contact us

★26th (Wed) Saggotarois Full Moon – 28th(Fri) – Good for detox. Recommended sessions are Cord-cutting, Quantum Release, Reiki, any other psychological and healing session, Psychic consultation / Spiritual counseling

15:00 – Remote Group Quantum Clearing & Galactic Light Transmission with the Sun God Ra and Goddess Amaterasu Special Event 

★TBC  18:30 – 20:00 Aries New Moon  Subconscious Mind Transformation & Law of Attraction  – Zoom online
★TBC Good Luck Day 13:30 -14:30
 – Life Transformation & Law of Attraction Group Class 1 

★TBC   12:10 – 12:45  Psychic reading and Counselling – ONLINE
– You will receive a 15 min counselling and 20 min psychic reading by our school psychic reader.
– It’s a Skype/Zoom session.
– Non-refundable 5 pounds by Paypal payment here to book. Please email us to book your seat. First come, first served.

Future Events
★On your request  – Psychic attack and Energy Vampire Protection Seminar.
★TBC Fri – Karma Release Vol 5 – Inner Child Deep Wounds & Ancestral Healing, Karma Release and Contract Removal – Semi-private group work @ Liverpool st
★ TBC  10:00 – 18:00ish Reiki Seminar level 2 – practitioner level. ( if interested, please receive Reiki 1 and required sessions) 
★ TBA  Sacred Geometry Site Protection Workshop