Remote Group Quantum Clearing & Galactic Energy Transmission

Remote Group Session – Quantum Clearing & Galactic Energy Transformation 
– Monthly group session to clear unwanted energies from your energetic bodies thoroughly and to receive a high vibrational Galactic energy transmission to support your light body transformation. 


“Many thanks for the remote session today. I felt the light strongly this time as if I was able to absorb/hold more of this. I definitely felt it strongly coming in through the crown chakra. I also felt my sacral chakra energised and clearing of the heart chakra. Interestingly, I have had stiffness in my neck and right shoulder that seems to have alleviated after this session.
(British female, 40s, health sector, London, May 2020)


Why are this new shift and new energy good? What is a Galactic Energy  Transmission?
We human beings are also energy-being and have certain frequencies/ vibration. This vibration differs individually but if you receive higher-frequency energy from the Galactic universe, you can also grow spiritually and attract more loving and positive matters in life.

If your own frequency rises, what happens?
-> Your mind and energetic bodies are exposed to higher frequencies and you will be influenced by that. You will be filled with more light and love, which can transform you to have a light/lighter body.
-> This will be more likely to enable you to become connected with the higher-dimensional light beings. Because of the Law of attraction on the frequency, you can become connected easier with angels, your higher-self and guardian angels, after you are shedding off lower vibrations and heal you with the galactic energy.
– > You will be able to have a stronger connection and have more support from these light-beings to fulfil your purpose of life.

What is the Galactic Energy?
Since the earth and human started another big shift called Ascension from Dec 2012, higher dimensional energy is coming down more and more, especially from the Galaxy beyond the Solar system. This is the 8th-dimensional frequency, related to the Adam Kadmon 2 and 3’s energy (God-consciousness within a human body).

This 8th Dimensional Galactic Energy
– is the Love of God.
– gives us the energy to create their own universe as a god while living here.
– helps us find divinity within us as a god.
– helps us purify us and gives clarity where to head to as a living god.
– helps us open up our gifts and talents to fulfil our purpose of life.
– helps us shift to the higher vibration.

So Part 1 of this remote session helps you to clear your own energy and helps your mind and body to shift to the next consciousness.

What is a Galactic Energy Transmission to support your light body transformation?  
This is offered in part 2 to receive a high vibrational light and transform your body to become a light body. The light body is more suitable to live on this earth now as your energetic body is supported to release heavy, dense, unwanted energies and become lighter to have a light body.

After you receive the transmission, in order to manifest who you really are with your purpose of life, you also need to take actions and  “re-direct” the energy to manifest your purpose and dreams. Take your time and write down your goal for a coming month and take actions after the session.

In part 2, this re-direction and manifestation support are offered to unify your energetic bodies and harmonize them for a smooth energetic flow.

In order to have an AK2 Light body, it is recommended to have the Ak2 DNA Activation. This remote session helps you to transform your energetic body to become lighter but it does not guarantee to have a light body.

So, what can I expect from this remote group session?
– Release blockages and unlock gifts and talents – live a life along with my purpose of life
– Awaken from the soul level and do what you want to do.
– Do what you passionately do and become abundant.
– understand who you are more.
– Stronger connection with your higher self and want to have more divine guidance and support.
–  keep a higher frequency and emotionally stable.
– receive inspiration from higher vibrational-beings and attract something better.

What should I do during a session?
You don’t have to come and see us or skype as it is a remote session. Please intend to receive the energy during a session. You can be anywhere but it is best if you can stay home, not in public space such as at bars, restaurants and clubs. At home, it is ok for you to move around, eat, sleep, watch TV, read books, etc., but it is better if you can sit or lie down in a quiet room and meditate or sleep, and receive the energy.

For further information, please see below.

Part 1  – Quantum Energetic Clearing by Galactic Energy Transmission – 30 mins
- This part intensively clears unwanted energies from your various energetic bodies including your 3rd eye, emotions, mind and belief, auric field, all chakras and release energetic blockages. It is highly recommended to receive this to maintain your energetic health monthly. 
NEW Clearing also includes your energetic body which you need after your death to move onto the higher vibrational dimension. If it is left damaged, you may be pulled into the lower dimension, regardless of how wonderful you are here in this earth dimension. 
– This clearing is very powerful by cleansing with the highest possible light for you.
– After the remote session, channelled group message will be emailed for you in a couple of days.
  Jan 2021  We are in the middle of the ascension process, so will release heavy and unwanted energies you don’t need to carry over as much as possible to shift. We will work on the love vibration to enhance and get rid of fear as well.  Chakra-wise,  throat chakra clearing and healing is offered and a specific vibration related to this chakra, such as ‘I cannot say no’ and ‘I’m not listened to’. You don’t need to do anything, but just to receive the energy and intend to release anything you want to release in the first part.

2 – Galactic Energy Transmission – 30 mins 
– In the latter session here, please intend to receive the energy.
– Receive the high vibrational Galactic energy into your quantum bodies fully, including the body you need after your death. 
– Harmonizing your energetic bodies to flow the received high-frequency energy smoothly.
– Re-direct the received energy for you to have a shift and manifest what you want to manifest
– Activate your master-template if allowed by your higher self to manifest your purpose of life. If not ready, we will work on you to adjust your energy and prepare for the future.
– After the session, you will receive a group feedback email.

IMPORTANT – please read before you book. 
– After the part 2 session, it is highly recommended for you to write down where you want to be, what you plan to achieve, and what actions you will take within a month. This helps you to set a direction and utilise the energy you receive.
– This is a group remote non-live session, so you can stay home or somewhere quiet, and receive the transmission There is no individual QA sessions, Skype, phone or Zoom interactions, nor separate QA private messages.

Time and Date (part 1 & 2): UK time,  Jan 20th, Thu, 2021, 4:30 – 5:30 am / Japan time same day, 13:30 – 14:30

Deadline: Jan 20th, 5h before.
Please book and pay from the Paypal link below. Paypal charge is included, no additional fee.
– Once you pay and book online, you will receive a Paypal payment confirmation as your booking confirmation.
– On the day when it starts, please intend to receive the energy.
– After the booking completion, please be aware it is not refundable.
– Please email us your full name, birthday, and address/postcode of where you will be at as your responsibility at every session even if you receive every month. If you don’t provide the info, we will send the energy to you based on your Paypal registered information.

Booking and payment by Paypal  – Early Bird available.
–  £ 99  (Full price is 160 pounds)


Client Testimonial ----------------------

“Many thanks for the remote session today. I felt the light strongly this time as if I was able to absorb/hold more of this. I definitely felt it strongly coming in through the crown chakra. I also felt my sacral chakra energised and clearing of the heart chakra. Interestingly, I have had stiffness in my neck and right shoulder that seems to have alleviated after this session.”
(British female, 40s, health sector, London, May 2020)

”I have had a very pressured week with challenges. I felt calm almost immediately and slept well after that. I felt the energy working in my root chakra area as well.”
(British female, London, Dec  2019)

The energies were very powerful indeed. I felt some activity in the root and sacral chakras initially with an almost piercing energy inflow from my left foot. I dozed off for a bit and then awoke to experience very strong energy currents in my jaws and teeth followed by the occipital region. The energy felt like a laser beam cutting through frozen and deep-seated issues in my head. I felt the energy working on clearing for almost three hours before I fell asleep again. I am glad this was at night. This was the most powerful clearing experience I have had to date. I am very grateful for this clearing session and looking forward to the next one.
(British female, London, Oct  2018)

“Many thanks for today. I was very aware of a lot of energetic activity in the base and sacral chakras and also some pulsating energetic activity in the third eye area and the back of the head. This corresponds well with your feedback. I did feel clearer and more balanced after the session”
(British female, London, Sep 2018)

“I received a cord-cutting session and then this remote Galactic Light session within a week. After these, I felt my vibration was changing really powerfully. During a session, I was crying without any specific reason and lost body consciousness feeling that massive light was flooding within me. Every day I feel so much light ever and, my head and body are so clear. Overdue-visa renewal application was suddenly granted and I can never be happier than before. I can travel abroad on business again. I’ve done a worksheet as well and I have realized I had a big dream suppressed within me. I’m moving towards that. It was an amazing session and thank you so much!”
(Japanese female in her 40s, Europe, Music industry, April 2016)

“I was still sleeping during the remote session, however suddenly I felt transparent blue energy around my head. I work up in a good mood and went to work.”
(Japanese female, corporate worker, 40s, Japan, April 2016)

” I feel much lighter after receiving a session. Thank you. ”
(Japanese female in her 30s, Japan, medical, April 2017)