Various training are available.

  • Intuition and Psychic Development Training Course
    This is for a total beginner to the advance level to develop your intuition, get inspiration for your creative work or brush up your psychic senses as a professional psychic reader and a channellar.
  • Reiki & Psychic Healing Training Course
    This is for people who want to provide Usui Reiki, energy healing, energy balancing, Crystal healing, Cord-cutting, Aura healing and more. Professional course to become a psychic healer with a certificate.
  • Initiation Seminar
    This is for people who want to have a connection with the higher dimension. Archangel Michael Initiation seminar is the first step. If you want to pursue a lightworker path, Michael initiation is the first step. Further Galactic Initiation depends on your life purpose, vibration and approval from the higher dimension.
  • Teacher Training Course
    This is an invitation only. After you finish some of the psychic healer training course, you may be invited to become a meditation teacher.