Venus Planetary Magic for Money and Relationships

  Venus Planetary Magic Group Sessions for Money and Relationships
– Law of Attraction – You will learn how to achieve what you want.
– Anyone can attend
Mainly, hands-on practice sessions but you don’t need to share your experiences with others.


Would you like to experience Planetary Magic and make a change in your life?

In astrology, Venus, known as the planet of love, beauty, abundance, and harmony, has a profound influence on various aspects of life, including relationships and material wealth. It governs our desires for connection and harmony in relationships, and financial abundance, luxury, and material possessions through creativity and expression.

In terms of mythology, Venus corresponds to the Roman goddess of love and beauty, also known as Aphrodite in Greek mythology. She embodies love, sensuality, and the harmonious aspects of relationships. Venus/Aphrodite is often depicted as charming, alluring, and associated with grace, inspiring feelings of passion and affection.

Our Venus Planetary Magic Group Session involves harnessing the energy of Venus through rituals, meditation, or intention setting to enhance qualities like love, harmony, and abundance in life. Our Venus workshop is organized especially at the time when the love and beauty energy of the Venus planet is very strong for you to receive its energy and to attract good connections, relationships, abundance and more money.

In addition to the Venus planetary magic energy work, you will also learn how to release blockages to attract more money and opportunities, and you can take it away with you.

This group workshop consists of 5 sessions as one cycle, and at each time, we will work on a different aspect of attracting more money, good connections and good opportunities.

You can join one single group session or attend all the group sessions. You don’t have to share your privacy with others if you don’t want to, and your privacy will be protected.
This group session’s main aims
– In 2023, the focus is on abundance.
– More money, financial gain
– Good connection and relationships
– Good opportunities
– Enhance creativity
– Enhance self-esteem

Outline of the session
Preparation: After you sign up, you will receive a preparation sheet to do a brief task in advance. Please bring it with you to the group session but you don’t need to share the contents with others.

On the day:
80 minutes
–  Brief Spiritual and Psychic consultation & QA sessions to answer your questions
– Guided energy work to release blockages to attract more money and opportunities, and receive Venus energy transmission
– Venus Planetary Magic session
– Crystal healing on your emotional and mental wounds – each session works on a different but major emotional and mental aspect, such as rejection.
– Light exercise may be included (depending on the participant)

and more (secret part).

Please bring
–  Pen & paper
–  Water bottle (to drink)
– 10-pound note (just for energy work, not to give)
–  Chocolate/olive oil/wine/cake (it does not have to be expensive and you will bring it back with you).

Location – Face to face
5 minutes from Moorgate/Bank station in London

Time and Date:
Nov 22nd, Fri, 19:00 – 20:20  – Private session only
Dec 1st, Fri, 19:00 – 20:20  – Group session
Dec 8th, Fri, 18:30 – 19:50  – Group session
Dec 15th, Fri, 18:30 – 19:50  – Group session
Dec 22nd, Fri, 18:30 – 19:50  – Group session
Dec 29th or Jan  – Group session

  • Up to 7 persons. Group sessions may take longer to finish.
  • Private sessions can be booked at your preferred time and date.

Fee and Payment: 
– Group session:
Early Bird offer – 35 pounds by bank transfer (by PayPal 40 pounds). If you join with your family or friend, 65 pounds for two persons (by PayPal 70 pounds). On the day, 90 pounds.

– Private session: 150 pounds by bank transfer (by PayPal 160 pounds)

By PayPal paymentplease click here. 

Booking: Please contact us for booking by email.

Please note
– A 50% cancellation charge will be applied within 72 hours, 100% cancellation charge within 48 hours.
– If you can’t attend, your family or friend can attend alternatively.
– Please make sure you are Covid/Cold/Flue free to join our sessions. If you have symptoms, please cancel and email us.

Client feedback 
” I wished to find an ideal boyfriend in 3 months and actually, I did! Thank you so much!”
(Japanese female, 30s, student, Sep 2017 London )