Testimonials and Feedback from Clients.

These are only partial testimonials and feedbacks we received from our clients but hope they can help you as a reference.  We cannot really place it all as there is not enough time for that. You can find the latest feedback on each webpage. These are the old ones up to 2018.

Our School trained and qualified therapist testimonials
– As of April 2018
– she has been with the school since 2014, had psychic & Healer trainings and self-development up to the training level 6. Please click this link for her testimonial.

– As of May 2018 He has been with the school since 2016, had psychic & Healer trainings and self-development up to the training level 2. Please click this link for his testimonial.

1) 22-Strand DNA Activation
– “My life has been shifted so I now have a greater    peace of mind. I’m delighted! (Asian female healer in her ’30s)
– “I was treated badly in the office before but colleagues are now more    supportive. I feel my head is much more clear” (European office worker in his    ’40s)
– “You’ve done an amazing job! I am much more clear and focused”. (British    female therapist, in her ’30s.)
– “After the activation, the energy attack from a foreign entity has stopped    and I feel much lighter in spirit” (British male in his ’40s)
– “I sensed High Light coming in and I went into a meditation state with the    high vibration” (British male channeler and healer in his ’30s)
– “Doing regular activation top-up upgrades my energy levels and provides me with    necessary information and energetic tools”. (British male healer, in his    ’30s.)
– “I sense my divine inner core energy has opened up. I have been looking for this moment”. (Asian female therapist and house-wife in her ’30s)
– “Downloaded energy is so high and clear. I traveled to the Astral world”    (British male in his ’50s)

2) 32-Strand DNA Activation (24+/26 Strand DNA Activation)

24+/26 Strand DNA Activation

“Amazing  and such a beautiful work. I’m also a professional healer and reiki master, but  this DNA activation should be received by everyone. Highly recommended” (English,  Reiki master, 40s, London)
“I  had a DNA activation before but today I needed to have more light as things  were happening and I was so drained. This activation is flowing so much light  into me and I feel much better and calmer. I knew this was the one for me.  Thank you. (Irish male, 40s, therapist, London)

32-Strand DNA Activation
“Right  after the session, I was feeling so high and went to the park and hag trees after my 32 DNA Activation.  That much excitement.  Every single time  when I receive a session at the mystery school, I feel that my energy is  changing and I’m now flowing with so much abundance. My classical music is getting  more recognised by my teachers, friends.   My music teaching is becoming more popular as  problems of infant students such as autism  and physical issues are cured or better . Through word of mouth, many parents  send me their kids to learn music from me expecting their kids issues are  getting resolved.  Thank you.”  (Japanese male, Music school teacher, healer,  30s, London)

“I  had 22 DNA Activation before but came here to be upgraded. It was exciting to  find out how much more I could become activated and found out that all the 32  DNA Activation was completed today. I feel calmer and peaceful. I felt the  energy somewhere around my hip, probably that was the place where my energy was  supposed to be aligned.” (Japanese female, 40s, business)

“I’m  feeling peaceful. Good peaceful mood. Connection to the Ensof / Creator is  flowing nicely. More of myself being downloaded. Data downloaded to me is still  integrating within me. Source from the Ensof energizes my soul where all my  data is held. Downloaded data is translated and streams through my soul into my  energetic and physical bodies. My concentrated thoughts acts as a programme  command for the energy coming in” (English, 40s, psychic and healer)

“Right  after the session, I felt so much excitement within me as I felt my  true-essence was revealing. From the following day, I took my creative work  more seriously and started working on that. I feel the connection with my  Higherself and the Light-beings are much closer. Even if I feel fear, I feel it  is much easier to release it and take an action. I can trust my sense and  myself better than before. Old patterns and thinking are being released. I feel  sometimes it is very hard, but I’m feeling much happier than before. As the  activation session’s name, I have more power to create my life. Thank you.”(Female,  30s, flower remedy, healer)

“I   was activated only up to 26 Stand DNA up  to last year, but now I am upgraded. Not only that I feel the connection with  the Ensof (the Creator), and its Light is flowing down to me from there all the  time. I feel the sense of security and peacefulness, as well as the creative  energy which is coming from my original source. It’s been only a month after  this amazing activation was performed on me, but whatever I think and feel  about to manifest, it happens really quicker in a couple of days now. I feel  the presence of the Creator on my side so much closer than before and it is  such an amazing but serene feeling with the constant gentle energy flow. I  never had this feeling from any sessions before.” (healer, Japanese female, 40s)

“After the 32 DNA Activation, I feel life is   fun, and especially my concentration and learning speed of what I do is much   faster I feel. Yes I learn much faster somehow. Many wishes, thinking etc become   the reality very fast. Every day is exciting. Thank you ” (Japanese male in his   30s, Classic music artist and teacher, healer)

“I feel very good and healed with the warm flow inside especially around the area of stomach some how”  (Chinese male in his   20s, studying accounting)

3) 24-Strand Full DNA Activation
“I was activated previously having going through the Adam Kadmon Gate about 5 years ago. But this 24 Strand Activation private session with Kay was much  more powerful and I have been energized and activated fully. I get connected with my Higherself and the Galactic Federation as well as Hierarchy of Light much more strongly, and I have a better channelling capability now with Divine beings.  If you are not activated, this Once-In-Your Life-Time 24 Strand DNA Activation is highly recommended at this Ascension time”
( IT consultant, Healer& Psychic, London, British male, 40s)

“I was fortunate to have a 24 Strand Activation with Kay and the positive effects have been great. My energy levels are balanced and my thoughts are clear. It’s truly helped me to function more clearly during the ongoing pressures of everyday life.”
(Educator, London, British male, 40s, Healer & Psychic)

“I was struggling before in my life such as finding a good job with stable monthly income.  After I was activated in mid Nov, I had a very good job offer and it was finalised by the end of Nov.  This job is very ideal for me and I’m very happy with it. I’m very much looking forward to it, and I also feel happier in my daily life. Kay gave me a special Aura Clearing Water and I use it in a spray bottle everyday carrying in my bag.”
( London, Spanish female, 30s, Accountant)

“I managed to do the 24 DNA Activation on the 11/11/11.  I was pleased to hear from a friend that this was an optimal time to do this. That same day I found that I had more vibrant imagination and a faster reaction in my thoughts. Over the next month I found that I was more confident and had a sense of calm in everything I did. I can’t say it has revolution-ed my life yet but has made a signification change for the positive so I would give this a high rating on spiritual exercise’s one should do in their life times.   Kay gave a great service and I will give it a 5 star rating.  A must do for any interested in higher life development.”
(30s, London, English male, State Agency)

“I have a stressful job in IT, often working long hours under pressure. Following my 24 DNA Activation, I have definitely noticed my energy levels increase. I am more alert, rarely tired and more active than friends up to 30 years younger than myself (I know this because they comment on it). When other people notice and mention it, you know it is not just co-incidence.”
(London, English male, 50s, Banker)

“Since having the 24 DNA activation, I have noticed my Reiki meditations have gotten deeper and my Reiki treatments on other people have changed for the better.  The connection to Reiki is stronger and clients have noticed a difference, it seems to have focussed Reiki more onto areas where it’s needed most and accompanies elaborate hand movements and gestures! In my day job as an accountant I can handle stressful situations better. I look forward to what else the future holds!”
(London, British female, 30s, Accountant)

“I had 24 strand DNA activation done at the end of November 2011 with Kay. I’m working on setting up a restaurant, before the AK activation I viewed 2 potential premises. Progress was stagnated on both. By coincidence, after the activation I submitted my proposals to both premises without preference on any particular one. Surprisingly, both proposals were accepted by the sellers with 90% agreement on my terms! Later, I had an agreement with one of the sellers to buy his restaurant at 30% of the original asking price! On a personal level, I have become more sensitive and intuitive. After the activation I have experienced amazing things EVERY time I meditate. Relationships around me are better than I have ever experienced before. I’ve met some amazingly beautiful people which I thought was impossible. These people gave me support and assistance, helping me to do what I need to do. I now feel more grounded and peaceful within myself, at the same time empowered.”
(London, British female, 40s, Business woman)

“I am working as a receptionist but this is not what I should be doing. I have much higher qualification than the requirement for this job. When I started this job it was my necessity but doing this job for more than a year now, I felt that I’m somehow stuck. One day I met Kay at my job place and she told me about some treatment and I went through some of the material she had published on the net. I was greatly inspired and was thinking to speak to her about it but luckily enough she came to me and I got an appointment with her for DNA activation. So I received a full treatment in which she also told me about my future prospects in a field.
According to her we have a code on our DNA that guides us to our ultimate success and happiness in life, unless it is activated we cannot enjoy our life to the full, and that this treatment will bring changes in my life. Before this treatment I had surrendered all and every effort to improve my condition, I wasn’t applying for jobs in my field and so many other things. But only after two weeks of the procedure I started thinking very hard and I felt so much frustrated and there was a kind of force that was transforming me for changes. And I could see the world in different aspects. Now after a month, changes have already begun in my life and am planning for the future as she had predicted. She also does counselling and that is very amazing too. She is a very learned person so she understands the various aspects of life very well.  Now if I’m asked if I recommend this treatment to anyone else, my answer will be a 100% YES and the reason is very simple i.e I have gone through it myself.”
(London, Asian male, 30s, Receptionist)

4) Qabalah Tree of Life Activation and Healing
– “At the energy clearing, I felt my base  chakra was releasing negative emotions, and after that I felt the connection  between my head, 3rd eye and the base chakra. It was a powerful cleansing.  Tree of Life activation made me feel good and I feel my emotions were totally  balanced” (English male, in 40s, psychic & healer)

5) Emotional Cord Cutting Healing
– “I saw a white Light-being like Gandalf in the Harry    Potter movies was cutting the cords around me. I feel much lighter.”(Asian    female therapist, in her ’30s.)
– “Accumulated negative energy has been released. Regular cord cutting makes    my energy lighter and clearer”. (British male healer, in his ’30s.)
– “Cords with ex-partners and cords draining my energy have been cut off. I    feel more positive”. (British female Reiki healer, in her ’30s.)
– “After the cord cutting, I could release the attachment to my ex-boy friend    and can move on now.”(Asian female, in her ’30s.)

6) Ancestor & Family Lineage Healing, Karma  Release & Monad Ancestor Karma Cord Cutting
– “My ancestral family line dates back to a long time    ago and I felt something was released and feel much lighter.”(British female)  – “I feel much more positive and lighter”. (Asian female)
– “I wondered why I kept making the same mistakes and now I know it was    coming from my ancestors’ karma. (Asian female)

7)   Psychic  Surgery on Etheric Body- Blueprint Alignment
– “I heard uplifting music from the hands of the    healer. I feel high energy and feel more comfortable now”. (Asian female    office worker, in her ’30s.)
– “The chronic pain in my foot has gone”. (Asian retired female, in her    ’60s.)
– “Blocks from my infancy have been removed and I can sense my energy flows    better”. (British male healer, in his ’30s.)

8) Spark of Life- Blueprint    Revitalization (Remote)
– “I feel much more positive every single day”. (Asian    female healer, in her ’30s.)
– “I felt the heat around my hip and fell into a sleep”. (Asian female office    worker, in her ’30s.)
– “Old energy has been massively released and my energy field is being    reconstructed with the higher energy. I feel a new stage has been arranged    for me”. (British male healer, in his ’30s.)

9) Ensofic Ray Healing
– “Lower energy has been released and Higher Light has    been coming in more and more strongly. I feel my energy field is being    reformed with more mental stability. I am more at the center and clear”.    (British male healer, in his ’30s.)

– “I felt the High energy was coming in and felt the presence of Sanatokumara    standing in front of me”. (Asian female healer, in her ’30s.)
– “I just fell into a sleep. I felt so comfortable”. (Asian male officer    worker, in his ’30s.)
– “I felt the heat from their hands remove the negative energy. My mind is    more clear.” (Asian female teacher, in her ’30s.)

10) Growth Code Activation
– “This is so unique. I could feel the presence of Sanatokumara and the code    activation within me. Something in me is more calm with a greater peace of    mind.” (Asian male healer and exorcist, in his ’30s.)

11) Total Energy  Reconstruction Healing
– “I have finished my 5th treatment. My shoulder pain and heaviness are getting    better.(Retired Asian male in his ’60s.)
– “I feel I have been healed from the initial Holy Water Purification    and can’t stop crying. I feel I am loved”(Asian female healer in her ’30s)

– “Tree-of-Life Healing filled me with High energy, and I am    healed, especially my trauma”(Asian female massage    therapist in her ’30s).

– “Etheric Body Healing made me aware that I was not loving    myself and taking care of myself properly” (Asian female office worker, in    her ’30s).

– “Solomon’s Shield Healing was so powerful” (Asian female    healer, in her ’40s).
– “I realized how much stress I had through

Mental Healing. I feel much more relaxed.” (Asian female office worker, in her ’30s).

– “I felt negative energy behind me has been released through Light Healing. My body is much lighter.” (Asian male healer, in his ’30s).

– “I don’t know what to say. I felt warm and fell into a deep sleep during Star Seed Healing” (Asian female healer, in her ’30s).

– Chakra Balancing    by Divine Tone Healing
– “Vibration is    amazing and it was really coming into my core body and I feel so dizzy feeling    the high light” (Asian female).

12 Rays Shield – – “During a session, I felt my energy was totally    restructured.. very powerful.” (Asian female).

12) Spirit Energy Injection by Sacred Geometry  Symbol Healing 6 Divine Conscious Enhancement by Sacred Geometry Symbol  Healing 7

– “Energy  is so high…pure and clear” (Asian female healer, in her ’30s).

13) Life Purpose ”Codan” Reading
– “I have never had this type of reading before. Now, I am aware of who I am  with what mission, and I don’t have to compare myself with others and feel an  inferiority complex. I am myself.”(Asian female office  worker in her ’30s)
– “I know who I am more or less. Her reading is really accurate and highly  recommended.” (British male channeler and healer in his ’30s)

14)  Abundance and Inner Beauty Attraction Attraction Attunement
– “I have connected with the Goddess. Using the High  energy charged crystal, I am now communicating with her to receive abundance  energy.” (British male healer in his ’30s)
– “After the session, the amount of money I need for my lifestyle is coming in  at the right timing.” (Asian female counselor  in her ’30s)

15)   Aphrodite Love and Beauty Attraction Attunement
– “I have been filled with the warm energy of Aphrodite.  From the next day after the healing, attractive guys have been approaching  me.” (Asian female healer and channelor in her ’40s)
– “I now do not suppress my female sensual energy any more. Attractive guys  whom are my type start approaching me more.” (Asian female counselor in her ’30s)

16) Usui Reiki & Ensofic Ray Healing (Enhanced Jikiden Reiki
– “When I had pneumonia, Reiki eased my body fatigue  and I felt so much heat in my chest”. (Retired Asian male in his ’60s)
– “I felt I was released from an entity and could not stop crying.”  (British female)
– “I liked the warmness.” (Asian girl, 9 years old)
– “My elementary school daughter expresses more, and she is not bullied as much  as she used to be.” (Asian mother in her ’30s)
– “My pain in my knee is gone…” (Britishfemale)

17) Crystal Healing & Counseling
– “Too much of distresses and broken heart and I could  not sleep well, but after this, I could sleep well and feel happier and lighter”.  (Asian female)
– “I felt so sleepy and feel much more stable.” (Asian female)

18)  Spirit Attachment Release, and Negative Energy Removal
“I have been taken care by one of the temples to remove spirit  attachments over months but the highest level monk literally got collapsed. I  didn’t have anywhere to go and found Kay. I had the spirit release hypno  session combination with black magic and spell removals. At the session, it  turned out to be an exorcism session from a regular hypnosis.  Result was more than what I expected. I feel  much lighter with peace and calmness, could sleep well for the first time, and feel comfortable in my own  house. I also had even a courage to talk to my partner about what I was afraid  to speak about before and am trying to solve issues.”(British lady, 30s.   Dec in 2013)

– “I’ve been bothered by psychic attack for a long time and  after this session, I don’ t get bothered by phenomena any more”. (British  male)
– “ Long time psychic attack is the biggest issue for me, and I feel much  better and lighter now. I felt so much stuff was around my body but feel it was  peeled off.” (British female)

19) Egyptian  Goddess Healing by ISIS
– “… I don’t know what to say but feel something has  changed. Clearer.” (British female)

20) Psychic  Counseling, Channeling & Reading
– “ Why can you tell people’s personality and behavior  patterns? Amazing! ” (Asian female)
– “ Channeling session could give me peace of mind and  future direction I should see and move forward. ” (Asian female)
– “ I was suppressing my feeling for long time and it made me depressed. I am  now happier as I made a decision and took an action after getting psychic  counseling. ” (British male)
– “Very practical and it is like a life coaching session   from a light-being. I like its soft energy.” (Female, in 40s. Life coach)
– “My first time to have a reading from an Ascended Master and it was a   very different energy from what I experienced in the past. Reading made so much   sense to me. Thank you.” (Japanese female in 30s, healer)

– “Reading was really spot on and it was really accurate.   Such a gentle and soft, compassionate energy. Reading was related to my day to   day life and I feel I have now had a confirmation on what I was feeling about.”   (European male, in 40s. Finance)

– “Kay’s reading was really spot on and connected to the high dimension.   During her reading, I was healed through the heart and it was not only a reading. Very compassionate and high energy. She mentioned about cats, reading, writing and how I feel at night, and it was really spot on.”   (English female, in 50s. psychic)

21) Medical Intuition & Trapped Emotion Release Healing

<Face to Face Session>                          

“I met Kay couple of years ago briefly, and knew that she was not one of   6,000 healers. She really picked up about my relationship issue and also feeling   with my mother when I was a kid. She could sense about my grandfathers, and   trapped emotion in my lower abdomen. Really, spot on. I feel calmer and expanded   consciously. I cannot explain but was out of my body I think. I will come back   again as I want to keep working on releasing trapped emotion within me. Thank   you so much.” (German, 40s, body work healer and meditation teacher, March 2013)

“My head is much clearer, and I feel more confidence, and feel much stronger   from my chest area. My eyes are so tearful from the memories I experienced long   time ago” (British female, actress, 30s, Feb 2013)

“It was mind blowing. Kay assessed what is going on with my liver and it was   exactly what I was working on and feeling. Organ voice and advice made sense and   advises were very practical too. Thank you for your intuitive healing and   assessment.” (French male, 40s, Feb 2013)

“Spot on! I’m finally out of an abusive relationship and it came up from my   organs how its energy was still accumulated through organ and chakra assessment.   I feel soothed.” (English female, 40s, Feb 2013)

“I could not sleep and move my back because of the back pain but it is better and I can sleep well. Less pain by one session. My facial skin issue is also healed. Healing really works.”   (Japanese, medical field, 40s, Feb 2013).

<By Remote session>
“Yes, what you found  was a very accurate and comprehensive assessment of the main things going on in  my life now! In my Third Eye, yes, there has been some sadness related to my  relationship situation. As for Throat, yes, I have become frustrated at school  and am tired of not being understood/appreciated. I know I have been overeating  due to stress from the interpersonal relationships at school and just plain  overwork. I would like more mental and emotional happiness. I don’t quite have  the confidence yet to put out my shingle. It’s true though, that there is some  fear about retirement and getting older. Since I don’t know how much time is  left to me, I’d definitely like to focus more on the things that are meaningful  to me as you mentioned. I also had the vision of a little girl. I wasn’t really  close to either of my parents, but perhaps a little more so with my mother. Your  feedback is so helpful! And I enjoyed the session, at times it felt like being  massaged by light!” (American female, school teacher, 50s, Mar 2013)

22) Negative Cord Cutting & Healing
“Kay detected several cords and I wasn’t aware that I was still negatively   corded with my ex. During the session, I sensed that the negative energy was   still coming from him. Kay cut the cords and after that I felt lighter and more   positive. After the cord cutting, she put her hands on my shoulders and they   were really hot! ” (English female in 30s, London.)

“I still had controlling and manipulating cords from a previous relationship   and a karmic relationship with some people, though I thought I had cut any   energetic connections already. It was much better to have cut them off. My   energy is full for me.”   (Japanese female in 40s, London.)

23) Hypnosis and Spirit Release Hypno Testimonials

Please go to the Hypnotherapy page at the bottom.

24) Aura Cleansing and Healing
“I  never had any healing as such. My first experience. It was amazing and  I felt  burning sensation, so much heat on my back. I  also had 22 DNA Activation and felt something was going on in the back. I feel  somehow very calm and lighter” (English male, 30s, IT in construction business )

“I  had 22 DNA Activation and cord cutting before. Couple of my friends who were  watching it, felt so much energy during my session. I was looking at my husband  to become healed by a healing session and wanted to have one. I felt the light  was coming in so massively and my body was sometimes moving because of that.  When Kay was working on my throat, it was like an electric current flowing. I  will come back again.” (Turkish British, 30s, housewife)

<Classes, Seminar & Workshop>
Class 1 – Power of Protection and Energy Maintenance– Meditation, Clearing and Protection
– “I can  now get grounded myself and am now less attached by bad spirits.” (English  male, in 40s)
– “I’m feeling better physically as I can now clear my energies” (English  female in 30s, therapist)
– “I use what I learned in the class and clear my energy. I feel better and  lighter.” (Japanese male in 30s, business man)                           – “I feel healthier and lighter physically and mentally, and could learn about  chakras and energy. I will clear the energy by a clearing meditation every  day.” (Japanese female in 30s)

 Initiation Program
– ”I have learned so many rituals including protection and they are very  useful in the daily life. I am very happy to become Adept and feel my life will  be very powerful.”(Japanese male corporate  worker in his 30s.)
– “I  could meet other Adept people and am feeling I receive more Light after Adept  initiation. I will do make efforts to have a better life and learned how grounding  is useful too. “(Japanese female  therapist in her 30s)
– ”I’m so enlightened to meet other people who are active in various fields but  have common interest in spirituality. Seminar was very cosy and I could have  feedback to questions I had. Very satisfied with this seminar.(Japanese  female massage therapist in her 30s)
-”Very intensive and with small number of people. It was helpful to learn in  English and Japanese. (Japanese female musician  in her 20s)
– ”I enjoyed the seminar so much and felt I was more energetic.(Japanese  female care worker in her 30s) - ”Now,  I can protect myself energetically through learned rituals. I feel the  difference and don’t get tired even after I come back from work(Japanese  male corporate worker in his 30s.)
– ”I feel I’m more stable after I become Adept and even my 10 years old daughter  is mentally more stable and happier(Japanese housewife in  her 30s and her daughter)
- ”I  became very intuitive and give advises to people now combining my business  experiences. I see my life in a different way now. (Retired  Japanese business man in his 70s.)

Usui Reiki Energy Handdown Workshop For level 1 and 2
– ”I have practiced Western Reiki for about 10 years, but Jikiden Reiki  has such a powerful healing power, which is amazing. Even I feel the difference  when it goes through me, and am happy to see when clients get better and go  home.(Japanese female therapist in her 30s)
– ”I learned Western Reiki but haven’t finished how to heal people using it.  Jikiden Reiki seminar has taught me how to heal others as well not only handing  down the Jikiden Reiki energy. I would like to practice healing combining with  massage and others hopefully”(Japanese female massage therapist  in her 30s)

Clearing Meditation and Group Hypno/Past Life Regression
Clearing Meditation
“It was such a powerful clearing. I feel  energy was getting released and my body was so hot. Especially my shoulder area  is still so hot, and something is still getting released” (Italian female, 30s,  finance)

“I feel clearer and more relaxed. It took  longer for me to come back from the very relaxing state. I’m in a huge  transition and this is so helpful” (British female, 30s, finance, student  learning psychic development)

Pat  Life Group Regression
“I could not get regressed before but here  I could. I was a bit anxious if I could go back to my past life. At the  beginning, I could not see anything, but could see my feet. From there I could  start seeing things, and that was an amazing experience. It made me wonder what  the relationship is between the past life and the current life. I want to  explorer more and will come back for another regression. ” (Oriental female, 40s,  NHS)