Usui Reiki & Ascended Master Reiki Healing

Original Usui Reiki & Ascended Master Reiki Healing

Face to Face (private)
– Usui Reiki – 50min @£100 / 80min@£160 (within 3 days, by Paypal from here)
including brief feedback and counselling time.

– Ascended Master Reiki –  50min@£110 / 80min@ £170 (within 3 days by Paypal from here)  including brief feedback and counselling time. 

– Ensofic Reiki – Please see from this link.

Remote (private)
- Usui Reiki – 30min £55 / 55min £100 / 85min £160
- Ascended Master Reiki – 30min £60 / 55min@£110
* -10 pounds off if you pay by Within-UK bank transfer 96h/4days before. 
– Ensof Reiki – Please see from this link.

– Please make a reservation first and make a payment by bank transfer.
- All the sessions include a short counselling and feedback, excluding 30 min session.

Remote Group session
– Please find more details from here. 


Usui Reiki was founded by Mr. Usui, a Japanese gentleman, in 1920s, in order to heal the physical, mental and energy bodies. It focuses on, but is not limited to, illnesses and disease of the physical body and mind. Original Usui Reiki maintains its original powerful modality and lineage, not manipulated, and thus it is a very powerful “hands-on-healing”. It is especially effective on curing physical ailments, and releases old energies and pours in new energies by running Reiki into your body.

In this Modern day, we have been ascending and receiving more Light. With this process, our conscious level has been shifting and we can access to the next level Reiki called Ascended Master Reiki. We will work together with the Ascended Masters and will support you to become heal you emotionally, physically and mentally even more powerfully with the higher vibration.

Upon request, we can include work on improving your vices such as smoking, alcoholism, inability to be monogamous. Reiki can also reduce stress and anxiety out of your mental and energy bodies.


You can choose which type of Reiki you would like to receive. There are three levels and the level goes higher, you will receive more Light.

1)   Usui Reiki
2)  Ascended Master Reiki
3)  Ensof Ray Reiki Healing

Face to face session – At the end of a treatment, there will be a light Reiki massage on your back. If you have physical pain, please let us know in advance.

For Remote Reiki session – please send us your name, birthday information, and your photo in advance.


”I have not had fever since and my stomach is settling down without medication”
(British female, 40s, London, Dec 2021)

”My daughter has been feeling better. ”
(English male, 30s, London, 2021)

“‘I don’t know what you did, but my finance got better straight after Reiki and I’m feeling good without any medications. ” 
(English male, 50s,  business owner, London, June 2018) 

“(Remote session) Thank you for your good suggestions and powerful Reiki session. I felt so much heat and my throat is so dry.”
(Japanese female, 40s, Corporate worker, Tokyo, May 2018)

“(Face to face) It was so powerful, never experienced this much. I felt the energy was flowing down through my body. I feel lighter.”
(British female, 30s, London, Corporate, June 2018)

“I really loved your treatment. It felt very effective. I would like to come for more”
(British female, 30s, therapist, Dec 2016, London)

“‘My daughter said I look different and clearer after the session.”
(British female, 50s, London, Aug 2016)

“I’ve been really busy with work and have been really stressed out. Sometimes I become ill with stress and cannot move around and again I had that symptom. I received the Ascended Master Reiki healing and feel much lighter, especially my head. My body is also lighter and I am not tired today after receiving it. Thank you” (Japanese female in her 40s, utility company manager assistant, May 2014)

“My stomach was somehow acting strange and I had the intestine problem and stopped eating fruits. I received Usui Reiki and Ascended Master Reiki while I was sleeping. I felt the heat while I was sleeping and at some point, it was really hot. I feel better today. “ (Japanese female in her 60s, house wife, , May 2014)