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🌟2022 Easter Holiday Galactic Mind Body Festival – Online – April 13th Wed – 18th Mon – By Galactic Federation Lightworker School

Ascension is being processed in various forms in the world on this dimension. Some people are ready to move onto the 5th dimension, and other people are stuck, distressed and struggling to deal with day to day physical dimension events, which is part of the Ascension process too!

It is a good time for us to receive the Galactic high vibrational energy, release old patterns and transform our lives for better, since so much suppressed and hidden energies have been coming up one by one and many of us have a very challenging time.

Here, Galactic Federation Lightworker school together with Galactic beings and Ascended Masters offers special offers for you to receive support and process your divine awakening and transformational during this Easter holiday.

We work together with various Ascended Masters, Hierarchy of Lights, Angels of Lights, and Galactic-beings such as Amaterasu, Galactic Commander Asther, Galactic Melchizedek, and more.

We would like to offer sessions to as many people as possible as a special offer, and you can utilize them.

If interested, please look at the menu below and book your transformational session.


  • Please note:
  • One person can book up to two (different) short sessions in a row, or one 55 min session.
  • Sessions are conducted online by Skype or by a UK phone call
  • Please let us know which one you prefer, Skype or phone call with your UK mobile number (For non-UK customers, only Skype sessions).
  • Terms and Conditions
    • Since is it an online session, please come to a session in time. If you are late or no show, please note that the fee will not be refunded. We will still offer a session in the remaining time and will do as much as possible.
    • Depending on the flow of the session before you, you may have to wait a bit but your session length is secured and you will have time for your appointment length (no worries). Just in case, please allow 5-10 min extra time after your session.
    • You can be anywhere, but please choose somewhere quiet and private if possible.    
    • If it is at the last minute session request, please pay in advance only by Paypal and we will see when we can fit your session in. If we cannot, we will refund you.

Session – All of them have a 1-2 min brief consultation and feedback included,
– You can click the link to see the standard sessions’ description. For this special offer, this is a shorter session. What is included is shown in each menu title below.
– All of them are Skype / phone sessions.

* First three persons
– You can have a free psychic mediumship reading (18min) free of charge if you mention you have financial difficulties/are on benefit AND older than 60 years old. Please email 2-3 preferred times and dates between Wed 13th – Fri 15th before 2pm (Not after Sat).

  1. Spiritual Counselling/Counselling  (18 minutes @ £15) – you will be listened to with two ears.
  2. Psychic reading/Tarot/Psychic Mediumship/Spiritual Consultation (18 minutes @ £20) -> Please let us know at the beginning of the session, which reading you want to have.
  3. Usui Reiki & Ascended Master Reiki  (18 minutes @ £20) – for any mental and physical pain.
  4. Coaching session for any Topics (30 minutes @ £25) – for your life transformation
  5. Cord Cutting & Reiki Healing (18 minutes @ £30) – Ditch the past and move on.
  6. Galactic Healing (18 minutes @ £40) – Ascension energy for transformation
  7. Energy Balancing & Reiki Healing  (18 minutes @ £40) – Balance youuuuuu
  8. Life Transformation & Law of Vibration – NLP / EMDR and Hypnosis (55 minutes @ £100) – Skype session only – for your life transformation
  9. Amaterasu 26 DNA & Activation, Cap Removal and Energy Balance (25-30 minutes @ £80) – Awaken your Divine energy and transformation
  10. Amaterasu 26 DNA Activation, Cap Removal, Galactic Energy Transmission, Energy Balance and Chakra Clearing (55 minutes @ £160) – Awaken your Divine energy and transformation & Healing
  11. Sprit Release / Psychic Attack Release/Protection, Cord Cutting and Healing = Quantum Psychosomatic Emotional Detox Session (55 minutes @ £160)   – Get rid of unwanted energies and spirit attachments to move on!
  12. Customized session for people who suffer from Covid symptoms and Long Covid
    – Covid gives physical and mental symptoms, but psychologically and energetically, there are reasons why you get Covid and suffer from that. This session is to support you to recover from Covid symptoms energetically and psychologically.
    – It includes 25 min counselling and psychological awareness, 50 min Ascended Master Reiki & Galactic Healing, and 10 min feedback (85 minutes @ £170) If there are Corona-related dark beings, they will be kicked out.
    – Please note: Since we are not doctors, this session does not guarantee an illness cure. Please see a GP for physical symptoms.

Time and date – April 13th Wed – 18th Mon  – Limited slots.

How to Book a Session

  1. Select your preferred booking slot from the schedule above (You cannot make a direct booking from the online calendar). (日本は8時間先行です)。
  2. Please email us to book your session with all the information together
    – your full name,
    – preferred 2 or 3 times and dates
    – prefered session either by Skype or UK mobile phone.
    – Skype name and Skype email address,
    – your UK phone number
    (You can arrange the time and date first and make a payment. But if payment is not made within 1 -6 hours of the booking confirmation, it will be released for someone else’s session).
  3. Please make a payment from the Paypal link at the same time. Without payment, your booking will be deleted after the payment is due.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email
  5. At your appointment time, please be ready for a phone/Skype call in time. Please check our contact information at the bottom of the page.
  6. You may have to wait for us to call you, but please wait till we will call you.

– Please pay from a Paypal link here.  
– Since it is a special offer, there will be no refund. Reschedule may be possible during the festival if a slot is available 72h before.
– If you book for someone else, please let us know the person’s name, Skype address, email address and phone number as well in advance.

Booking Deadline
– 3h beforehand, earlier is better to secure your slot 100%.
If it is on the day, we may not be able to answer you till your booked hours if we are in a session. As far as you email all the necessary information together and make a payment in an advance, we will call you at the booked time or call you at your appointment time, IF it is last minute.
– Please note: Calendar may not be updated every minute, especially on the day.

At your appointment
– Early booking is recommended.
– Please check the Skpye setting in advance if you can log in to ensure your smooth session.
– Please come to Skype in time, or wait for a phone call for your session.
– If you are late or no show, the fee will not be refunded and your session will not be rescheduled. You need to book another session. Therefore, please be ready on time.
– If there is an issue you can’t Skype or cannot connect, we will switch over to a phone session.
– Please note: Please be patient if you need to wait as we will be still in a session with a client to finish.
– Since it is a back to back session, we will finish our session on time to speak with the next customer.
– If you prefer to have a longer session, please book a standard session.

Our Skype address
Skype: kayandrksps

★April 15th Fri – Christ Consciousness & St. Germaine Purification, Spirit Release, and Negative Energy and Psychological Transformation Healing – Remote Group session –

In this session, we are not directly working on the external dark forces to get rid of them as the main focus is for you to receive the energy to purify your energies into your multi-dimensional energy bodies and transform internal shadow aspects which are related to dark-forces vibrations and spirit attachments (quite often), with compassionate and divine light energies from the high-vibration Ascended Masters, Christ and St. Germain.

It is important for each one of us to be connected with the light energies and light beings however many people have spirit attachments and negative energies so that their life is very much interrupted by all sorts of dark forces and attachments.

If you have a situation like the below;
– Many troubles
– Have mental illness (It could be you or your family members)
– Relationship issues with your mother or/and father, partner, siblings
– Chronic family issues including addiction, abusiveness, DV, neglect,
– You have troubles with your children, especially related to mental illness and hearing voices
– Unknown cause illnesses and injuries
– Lost love, attract ‘wrong’ type of people
– Financial troubles
– Lost jobs, redundancy
– No friends, loneliness, negative self-talk
and more,

you can utilize this remote session to make a change in your life.

If you feel you have done ‘all’ and things are not changing for the better, it may be time for you to wonder why and explore the energy sessions as we are influenced by
– Past life’s carried over energies
– Attachments
– Energetic influence
– Karma
– Contracts.

In this group session, we will work on the above and support you to release and transmute your energy field better. It has the element of spirit release ( and psychic attack protection, etc), but it is not a fluffy healing session. This type of group remote session is offered only a couple of times of the year, usually at Easter and Christmas, and it is a better not to miss session.

If you would like to have a session privately, please look at the Quantum Psychosomatic Emotional Release session

Time and Date: Fri April 15th, 2022.  10:30-11:30am

– Energy clearing
– Jesus Christ consciousness Transmission
– Ascended Master energy work
– Purify and release negative energies out of your multi-dimensional bodies.
– After the remote group session, you will receive a brief channelled message and guidance as a group by email within a couple of days.  
– If there is a spirit attachment (often there are), they will be cleared as well (Please note it is not an exorcism that deals with more heavy demonic energy release. If you suffer from chronic attachments, demonic force energy, please go to the Sanatokumara Exorcism menu).  Having said that, since there are various attachment types, we will release certain kinds if there are.

Please email the following information all together in advance when you book.
– Your full name,
– Your location (Country, city and town name with postcode, No street number is necessary).
– Your birthday info.
Brief message – Please also let us know what issues you have, and what you want to resolve. It will be communicated to Ascended Masters to support you.

Our remote group session is a group session but it is designed to work for each individual person. The entire 1 hour is dedicated as an energy session for you followed by email feedback.

Fee: Early Bird Offer – £120 (non-refundable) as a remote group session.
Only 5 more slots.
(as a private 80-90 min session if you prefer, £300).

Booking and Payment
– Till April 13th 23:59 – please pay by bank transfer (due to the bank holiday).
– After April 13th 23:59 – please pay by Paypal link from here. (Paypal charge is included).

Booking and Payment Deadline: Fri 15th of April, 8:30 am.

Terms and Condition
– As much as possible, please stay in a private place, become connected and receive a transmission through whatever you do and wherever you are, energy will be reached.
– We highly recommend you avoid driving a car, bicycle or a bike, any vehicle and such, during a session if you are outside. Better not to be in public.
– There is an individual difference in how you feel the energy and its effects.
– If you need further help, please look at our menu and receive a private session and a class.  
– Children can receive as well with their permission and parents’ permission.