Archangel & Angel Workshop

Archangel & Angel Workshop, Seminar
– Fee: please see below
– Anyone can attend

1) Archangel & Angel  Seminar

Many of us know angels are out there but, do you know who they are and what roles they have for us humans? Do you know many angels are “unemployed” just the same as many of us are? Many of us don’t know that we can communicate with them and ask them to do favours for us.

There are literally thousands of angels, all different kinds and all with different roles. Each of them has their own name and specific role in order  to serve humankind with unconditional love.

  • Type A)   –  You will learn from the Ancient wisdom;
    • Why angels are here
    • Hierarchy of the Angels
    • Who are the evils, demons and earth bounds.
    • Who are they (angels)…
      • Archangels
      • Angels
      • Planetary Angels
      • Zodiac Angels
    • Their specific roles and functions.
    • How to make requests to angels and get support from them.
    • How to sense their energies and signs of their presence.
    • How to discern the energies between a lower-being and a higher-being and call in the correct one properly and safely (e.g. You/psychic readers/channelers will get connected and get a message from earth-bounds or evils if you/they don’t know how to get connected properly. If you/they have spirit attachments, you/they read from there, which is more harmful than beneficial).
    • If time allows, we will explore and connect with Archangels in order for you to feel their energies. We will connect with at least 2-4 main Archangels. This is an introduction seminar for the Guardian Angel Connection and New Moon  Connection workshop. Seats are limited so please book your seat soon if you are interested in the  course.
  • Type B
    – After you attend the type A seminar, you will have an opportunity to get connected with many Archangels in a safe and protected environment.
    –    Energy Assessment will be offered at the Type A seminar or a private  session if you would like to attend this workshop

– Type A seminar attendance and energy assessment. Depend on an assessment, you may be requested to have a Spirit Release Hypnosis or a healing session in order to keep the vibration of you and the space at the  minimum high level for you to get connected.
– If you are depressed or have lots of negative emotion, it is recommended to receive a healing session or a Spirit Release Hypnosis session first to get healed and shift  up your vibration.


Type C
– Only the Seminar part from the Type A by Skype. Connection time is offered only in a safe and secured space.

– A) Both of Seminar & Brief Connection time. £90 (about 3h)
–  B) Only Archangel Connection time without a seminar. £60 (about 2h)
– C) Only Seminar without Connection time,  by Skype. £70 (about 2 -2.5h)

Date: TBA

2) Guardian Angel  Connection & New Moon (/Full Moon)Connection

– Open to everyone but it is recommended to attend the above Angel Seminar first if you are not familiar with them. Who are the Guardian Angles and what do they do for us? Do they have any specific tasks? Since when were they with us, and when will they leave us again? Why are they with us? Why do we still have challenges in our lives even though we have “guardian”?

At this workshop, we will briefly introduce each other and start clearing the energy in our Chakra and Auric fields in order to get connected with the Higher Dimension. Then you will be guided in order to connect with the Powerful New Moon/Full Moon Energy and infuse the Month of the Moon’s energy through your whole body and into your mind. You will be able to obtain the “fuel” needed for the coming month.

In the Part 2, you will learn about the function of the Guardian Angels.We then explore more deeply in order to find out who your Guardian Angel(s) are in the form of a guided meditation as each of us has a different one.

  • Part 1 – Social, Clearing Meditation, Full Moon(New Moon) Connection. the Month of the Moon’s energy will be infused within you.
  • Part 2 – You will learn briefly the below:
    • Purpose of Angels
    • What Angels do for us  humans
    • Why they are with us
    • Since when were they with us. Before we were born or after?
    • What associations they have with us.
    • What our purpose is by living here as humans
    • You will be guided and explore which angels you are connected with personally and find out what  kind of role your guardian angels play for you.
    • Build a rapport with your angels.

Fee: For the Clearing Meditation, Moon Connection & Guardian Angel Connection, £45 (about 2.5h)

Terms and Conditions
– Please wait in the lobby at least 5 mins before the  starting time. We will start on time.
– A 100% cancellation policy is applied unless you notify us at least 72 hours before your appointment time. To cancel, please email us.
* The following is also highly recommended in order to  maximize its benefits.
–  24+/26-Strand DNA Activation
- Class 1 – Power of Protection and Energy Maintenance – Spirit Release Hypnotherapy