Better Health – Stress & Trauma Release Exercise

Better Health – Stress & Trauma Release Exercise

When the weather is nice, it is nice to exercise to improve health and detox stress and trauma energies in nature. Exposure to the sun’s rays provides energetic repairs while also increasing vitamin D.

In particular, the physical and energy bodies store various emotions, energies, stress, traumas, toxins, etc., and you can join us to do specific exercises designed to improve physical, emotional and mental health by detoxifying them energetically. Our methods of releasing stress, traumatic energies and emotions incorporate method which is used to heal soldiers who have suffered from PTSD after returning from wars.

Everyone experiences stress and trauma to varying degrees. Although there are individual differences, stress and trauma can have a large negative impact on you even if it is caused by a minor incident/event. If you had a negative impact or shock, it will remain imprinted in your physical body or energy body with intense emotions. If they are not released and healed, it can create various mental and physical problems and harsh realities. Also, if you don’t release these emotions and energy, it may lead to dementia in the future.

Even if you didn’t experience PTSD or trauma, anyone can attend this group session to improve blood circulation, reduce stress, improve the flow of Chi/energy, release worries through our specific exercise, and receive support to change your reality.

Examples of stress and trauma include:
– Constant criticism, corporal punishment, neglect, and abuse from parents or carers in childhood
– Negative effects of parental divorce, quarrels, and family conflicts
– Negative physical effects due to accidents, injuries, illnesses, or surgeries
– Power harassment, sexual harassment, moral harassment, domestic violence, abuse
– Unwanted sex / emotional violation, abuse and rape
– Marriage problems, divorcing, or separation
– Verbal abuse, neglect, or exclusion from friends, work colleagues or boss
– Lost a parent in childhood,
– Racial, gender discrimination
– Gaslight, control, and abuse by narcissists, sociopaths, psychopaths, or people who suffer from severe mental illness and personality disorder.

And so on,

These will remain as stress and trauma unless released and healed. These traumas may lead to mental and physical illnesses unless treated.  

Anyone can participate in this group session as it is a gentle exercise and stretch that not only improves blood circulation and energy flow, but also releases stagnant energy and maintains/improves health.

Expected effect
– Improves blood circulation, energy level, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar levels
– Detox stagnant emotions and energies
– Trauma healing
– Support for changing reality
– Improvement of physical, psychosomatic and ailments
– Mental health support and improvement
– Maintaining health
– Weight loss if you regularly participate in.

What to bring
– Water bottle (something to drink)
– If you don’t want to lie down or sit directly on the ground/grass, bring a yoga mat or a towel
– Depending on the weather, UV cream, hat, jacket, etc. Staying outside can be chilly.
– You will do light exercise and walking, so please wear suitable clothes and shoes for this. There are no lockers for luggage and make your luggage light.
– There is access to toilets and a café.
⁻ Handkerchief/ tissue (you may cry or sweat)

Outline  Stress and trauma release exercise is the main. The following activities are the standard but it may vary depending on the energy of the participants.
– Limited to up to 10 people (available at the moment).

– 20 minutes of walking in nature (equivalent to 2-3km)
– Tree hugging if you wish!
– If you wish, we will work in pairs to talk about the theme of the day (you can choose what you want to talk about and you don’t want to talk about).
⁻ Stretch and exercise to detox trauma and unwanted emotions (It is like yoga,  a lighter version of aerobics)
– EMDR-based trauma and negative emotions release incorporated into the exercise.
– Work on the nervous system and calm down the mind (like meditation).

*If you do not want to talk about your traumatic experience, you do not need to talk about it because of privacy. You can only talk about what you want to talk about, although talking can detox and gain awareness.
* If you would like to talk about your traumatic experience, you are welcome to do so.
* If you don’t have any traumatic experiences, you can participate in maintaining and improving your health and energy.

Date: Sat, Aug 19th , 2023, 12:00 noon for 80 mins.

Meeting time & location: 11:50 am near Finsbury Park (North London).
– You can make a payment and secure your seat.
– Details will be communicated to participants by email 12-24h before.
– Deadline: 2h before.
– If you book it in the Sat morning, you will get the location details 1h before.

– If you are late, please message my mobile phone/email. we can accommodate up to a 15-minute delay. After that, please come to the designated place by yourself.
– Please note you may not be able to join us if you are delayed more than 30 minutes as we will start the group session on time and will move from the gathering point.

– You don’t need a Covid test result for this. But please do not join us if you have a COVID or cold symptoms, and you were ill/had symptoms in the past 14 days.
– If you persistently cough or show COVID symptoms during the event , you will be requested to withdraw from the group activity for other participants’ wellbeing.

Participation fee
Please pay from this PayPal link.
– Early bird: £15. Fee will go up when it gets closer.
– On the day: payment and booking is required 2h before: £40

* The gathering place will be emailed one day before by email.
* Present : You will receive a mini water bottle, which is charged with energy to detox.  You can use it when bathing or taking a foot bath (not for drinking).

Terms and Conditions – Please read in advance before booking.
• Please do not overdo the exercises that you cannot do depending on your physical condition. Please manage your condition and take a break if necessary as your self-care responsibility.
• If you have a mental or physical illness such as stroke or heart disease, please make sure to let us know in advance. Please consult your GP if necessary and discuss whether or not to participate in our event.
• Our event offers light exercise and a 20-minute walk.
• We are not responsible for any falls, injuries, or poor physical condition during your participation, so we accept your bookings with the agreement that you are responsible for your health condition.
• No refunds will be available within 48 hours of booking, no show and delayed participation.
• If the weather is bad such as heavy rain, we will refund the money. In case of light rain or cloudy weather, it will not be cancelled and the event will be conducted.
• Parking is available around the event place. Parking in the park around the station is also possible, but it seems to cost about 2-3 pounds. Please check the parking in advance if you come by car.
• Be mindful of your own safety, social distancing and your personal belongings. The event organiser accept no risk or liability at this event.
• Please note that there will be no refund if you are late and cannot meet us at the gathering point if you are late.
• By joining our events, you explicitly agree that you have read, understand and accept our Terms and Conditions.

Client feedback

‘I felt relaxed after walking and exercising in nature.’
(Japanese male, 30s, Corporate, London, July 2023)

‘Something got released from my head area. Much lighter now.’
(Japanese female, 30s, London, July 2023)