Usui Reiki related sessions, workshops and training courses.

Have you ever heard that most of the Usui Reiki known in the world and in the UK are the modified and altered Usui Reiki?  It does not quite often retain the original authentic contents, lineage and also the valid and effective energetic connection via the non-modified and original attunement.   As a consequence, the effects of such a diluted and modified Reiki healing on you is significantly lower.

Our school retains the original, non-diluted contents with the authentically handed-down and non-modified attunement method for people who want to practice Reiki as self-help or as a practitioner.

Since we retain the original authentic Japanese Reiki lineage and our trained Reiki practitioners are trained to maintain their certain healing vibration as maintenance, effects of our Reiki is often referred to as pure, effective, powerful, shifting difficult situations, removing pain, clearer, more relaxed, happier and more from our clients.

In order to offer effective and pure Japanese traditional Reiki, all our qualified Reiki practitioners go through receiving healing sessions, exorcism, and psychological sessions to shift their vibration higher with compassion and less ego. Additionally, all of our practitioners are taught to maintain their condition, work out regularly, and meditate daily without alcohol addictions,  recreational drugs and mental illness. You might be surprised many holistic practitioners do not maintain their conditions by proper diet, daily meditation and regular exercise, which is vital as a lightworker.

Our original Japanese Usui-Reiki holds the original Reiki lineage directly handed down by the Reiki direct lineage line under the founder, Mikao Usui and Chujiro Hayashi, which is why our Reiki is powerfully and effectively healing you emotionally, mentally and physically.g

We offer various services and please find further information. You can choose what you need and book your seat.

  •  Occasional Usui Reiki offers 
    • Sometimes, there are offers from Kei and the school students. If there is any offer, it will be on what’s on page.
    • Even if it is offered by our students, they are selected by a school teacher and they are trained to meditate regularly and maintain their vibrations at a certain level, they can offer you good healing. If you need any emotional and mental help, Reiki can ease it too so feel free to utilize offers as much as possible.
    • -> Please visit the What’s on page. 

Client feedback
‘I had a good healing session with her before. After I received a session, it was powerful and I needed to rest a little bit on the way home. It’s a good sign of a good healing session I had. It was pure and powerful.’
(British female, 50s, psychic medium, London, 2021 Mar)