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★How to Transform your Life 6 – Negotiation style – Prince Harry and Mehgan publicly Blackmailed to the Monarch?

Picture from: Britons attack US after Meghan Markle row – ‘Last country we should take lessons from!’ (msn.com)

** This English post is translated from my Japanese blogs.
★運勢好転のために 7 ‐ 交渉の仕方 ‐ メーガン&ハリーのやり方は公の恐喝? | ギャラクティック サイキックサイコロジスト ケイ (ameblo.jp)


Today I will talk about a negotiation style.

Prince Harry and Meghan’s interviews are aired every day, and it has become a hot topic in British newspapers as the top stories.

The Queen sent out a message that ”it” is concerning and we should speak in private’.

We can learn from other people including this case.

Well, when people face very difficult problems, you can see their real personalities from
– Their ego is screaming as they want to be acknowledged.
– Tricks and manipulation they use to negotiate
– What kind of things they say and do
– Then, you can see the person’s true personality, such as.

  • Threat your opponent’s weaknesses and get what you want
  • Control others’ mind and manipulate them
  • Demand what you want without thinking about consequences
  • Get only what you want and do not care about others’ situations
  • Hide your true intensions and get what you want as a blackmail
  • Never humbly reflect why people are not agreeing with you, or why you don’t receive support. -> You need to EARN trust from others before you demand anything.

This is the worst way of negotiation and it is so self-centered.

A better negotiation is
– listening to the other party’s case and reasons well.
– understanding them because there should be a reason for it, and
– looking for a middle-point where you can agree with each other

Otherwise, we can not build a good relationship for a long time.

Their way of doing things, a scandalous way to get attention from the public (so Hollowood), is in the form of interviews as the surface format, but it can be the same as public blackmail to the Monarchy. They can’t sue the Royal family, so this is an alternative way, blackmail connotation via the media.

If a person has a strong victim consciousness, unhealed wounds and narcissism, this type of bad negotiation and attitude can happen.

Bullying, depressions, competition, jealous, etc, anything goes as they are also humans and you need to deal with it. It’s not discrimination, but each person’s preference on she or he becomes friends and support whom, etc.. No royal family members in Japan sells their miserable royal life to the media there. If they do, It would be a huge shame and no respect.

Hope they move on and learn how to make a living not depending on the Royal funding/ British people’s tax. That’s true independence. If they want freedom, let go of all the titles and entitlement and make a living by their own power. Or they can come back to the Monarchy and do all the engagements with the Royal standard, no more blackmail or threat via the media to the Monarchy and their family.

We can learn from other people how we are negotiating with other people.

I do see a lot of patterns and parental issues here. If you leave any difficult situations with your parents’ relationship, your life may not work like theirs.

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