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★How to Transform Your life 8 – How to Convey Your Opinion that Seems Negative to Others

Piers Morgan says he stands by criticism of Meghan Markle | The Independent


Yesterday was a day of rain and the wind was blowing strongly, and it was as if we were trying to clear the bad energy of confusion and criticism going on now.

Entertainers and celebrities go out into the media, so depending on how they say things, the general public may be manipulated and get influenced.

It’s better not to swallow what they are saying as it is.

For example, Piers M denied totally what Meghan said as depressed, suicidal and discriminated. He stepped down and she sued him.

”I don’t believe what she says at all.”

In the newspaper, it was closed up as a reverse grudge of love as he didn’t receive phone calls from her after he dated her. Due to this, his claim of her insult to the Monarchy was not focused on, but he received over 4000 compliments as he needed to be more compassionate to people with depression. However, when I look at the comments on the BBC news, there are quite a few people who are sceptical and unreliable about Megan’s personality and what she claimed, like he said.

A big mistake of Piers was

He didn’t explain well with a fact or a reason why he does not believe her but walked off with anger.

He needed to control his emotions and should have thought about his delivery and consequences. He should have quoted what clinical depression is xxxx, and she should not use it as one card, for example, and explains his view properly why.

Meghan said she was suicidal and depressed but she had to do all the engagements. If that was the case, it shoud be very tough for her, left alone, no support she was not receiving, away from the US home, different culture, different class, different role, etc.

In Japan, for example, current empress Masako suffered from depression and certainly couldn’t do official duties for more than two years, and there was a time when she couldn’t do anything about public engagements. I’m glad she is well now and does all the engagements with the proper Royal protocols. That is a real depression.

I don’t know how serious Meghans’ case was but she should see a doctor if she is depressed or is suffering from any other mental illness if she claims she was suicidal.

Clinically, a doctor gives a diagnosis as depression if a person has more than 5 specific symptoms over 2 weeks including, withdrawing from activities, meeting people, etc. I wonder whether that was her case or not. If she does, she needs to see a doctor.

Diagnosis – Clinical depression – NHS (www.nhs.uk)

There are so many different symptoms and ab-reactions in mental illness, and when I was studying in the Psychotheraoy course, I was like

”Eh, this symptom is a reaction that xxx always does, isn’t it?”

Even without a doctor’s diagnosis, mental illness can be found in a day to day communication and relationships such as, just as an example,

  • There’s a hyped emotional reaction which is unexpected
  • Heat up emotionally quickly
  • There’s violence.
  • Even if you plan something with someone, his/her mind and body are unstable, so they cancel last minute or do not reply you back.
  • Blame you intensively but they don’t take accountability on their behaviours.
  • They criticize and manipulate skillfully to make you feel guilty.
  • They withdraw from activities
    and such.

From my personal experience, even if there is no diagnosis of a mental illness such as depression, there are quite a few people who seem to have symptoms and act out, so be especially careful when making negative remarks for the other party.

In the UK, it is said 1 out 4 people experience depression in their life, so it is quite high.

Both British and Japanese cultures are similar in a way, so if you communicate very straightforward like many Americans do such as

You’re like this, I hate you, I don’t like it! etc.

It is better to be prepared to be labelled and removed from your peers. Many Britons and also Japanese don’t like it and keep you away without saying anything. It is regarded as rude, with no respect, no sensitivity, especially if communicating a negative view in many cases, especially in a personal relationship. Work-wise, different story.

Now, what and how would you tell when you need to express a negative opinion to the other person?

When I worked for the American company, it was the hardest company ever in my career as politics were everywhere which I disliked.

You cannot just say to your boss like

xxx trouble happened. What should I do?

They will tell you, think about solutions and come back.

If you just ignore and don’t report problems to your boss, again, you would be blamed as to why didn’t you report it.

So at the work situation, you need always
– Report
– Consultation
– give facts and references in direct manners as possible.

are necessary to your boss and make it transparent. BUT don’t accuse your boss publicly or your seniors as they may revenge you.

If it is a personal situation, it can be tricky so you need to see other peoples’ personalities too.

When people have a problem and have to communicate it to others, there are patterns you can see.

  • They tell you openly and straightforward
  • They know it but don’t want to face it, so avoid it and don’t respond to anything
  • They blame people for xx
  • They respond, face it timely and focus on what needs to be done
  • Gossip people
  • They think about their situation and change the content to convey it
  • They don’t respond until the last minute
  • They think about future counter-measures and crisis counter-measures
  • Make a statement or rant about the other person’s personality or behaviour

And so on.

Now, how do you tell your negative opinion or comment to others?

Now we are in the Air era, communication is very important. You can learn how to communicate to build good relationships, not to destroy relationships.

How would you build a good relationship?

If interested in, you can learn via the Mind Revolution course.

Thank you for reading.


★How to Transform your Life 6 – Negotiation style – Prince Harry and Mehgan publicly Blackmailed to the Monarch?

Picture from: Britons attack US after Meghan Markle row – ‘Last country we should take lessons from!’ (msn.com)

** This English post is translated from my Japanese blogs.
★運勢好転のために 7 ‐ 交渉の仕方 ‐ メーガン&ハリーのやり方は公の恐喝? | ギャラクティック サイキックサイコロジスト ケイ (ameblo.jp)


Today I will talk about a negotiation style.

Prince Harry and Meghan’s interviews are aired every day, and it has become a hot topic in British newspapers as the top stories.

The Queen sent out a message that ”it” is concerning and we should speak in private’.

We can learn from other people including this case.

Well, when people face very difficult problems, you can see their real personalities from
– Their ego is screaming as they want to be acknowledged.
– Tricks and manipulation they use to negotiate
– What kind of things they say and do
– Then, you can see the person’s true personality, such as.

  • Threat your opponent’s weaknesses and get what you want
  • Control others’ mind and manipulate them
  • Demand what you want without thinking about consequences
  • Get only what you want and do not care about others’ situations
  • Hide your true intensions and get what you want as a blackmail
  • Never humbly reflect why people are not agreeing with you, or why you don’t receive support. -> You need to EARN trust from others before you demand anything.

This is the worst way of negotiation and it is so self-centered.

A better negotiation is
– listening to the other party’s case and reasons well.
– understanding them because there should be a reason for it, and
– looking for a middle-point where you can agree with each other

Otherwise, we can not build a good relationship for a long time.

Their way of doing things, a scandalous way to get attention from the public (so Hollowood), is in the form of interviews as the surface format, but it can be the same as public blackmail to the Monarchy. They can’t sue the Royal family, so this is an alternative way, blackmail connotation via the media.

If a person has a strong victim consciousness, unhealed wounds and narcissism, this type of bad negotiation and attitude can happen.

Bullying, depressions, competition, jealous, etc, anything goes as they are also humans and you need to deal with it. It’s not discrimination, but each person’s preference on she or he becomes friends and support whom, etc.. No royal family members in Japan sells their miserable royal life to the media there. If they do, It would be a huge shame and no respect.

Hope they move on and learn how to make a living not depending on the Royal funding/ British people’s tax. That’s true independence. If they want freedom, let go of all the titles and entitlement and make a living by their own power. Or they can come back to the Monarchy and do all the engagements with the Royal standard, no more blackmail or threat via the media to the Monarchy and their family.

We can learn from other people how we are negotiating with other people.

I do see a lot of patterns and parental issues here. If you leave any difficult situations with your parents’ relationship, your life may not work like theirs.

Have a look at our video course to improve a relationship with your parents and have a happier life.

★Awaken Your Divinity Within Programme 1 – Secret Message from a Difficult Relationship with Your Parents Course | Galactic Federation Light Worker School (gfls.co.uk)


★Learn from Prince Harry & Mehgan VS BTS to destroy/build a good relationship

Forget hiding behind the sofa, the Royal family needed a bullet-proof vest as Harry and Meghan let rip (msn.com)

*This is just my personal view at the moment.

Meghan and Prince Harry
I don’t know how tough it was about what Mehgan went through but she has a full of victim consciousness. What she claims may be true from her point of view, but spiritually she created the situation and does not take responsibility for the consequences, though I’m sure there were so many unfair things that happened to her.

For example, I’m not traditional enough, and I cannot belong anywhere too conservative and too traditional, so the royal family can’t be my choice to be welcomed as a daughter-in-law, even how wonderful the Royal family is. The royal protocol would probably suffocate me. They stay Royal and I choose my path, which is more peaceful, no dramas.

I don’t know how much she knew about the Royal family life style’s restrictions, but she has a vibe of ‘I’m not good enough’ covered with narcissism and has a full of drama energy for an attention-seeking.

Think about it, when Will Smith came to London, I didn’t see any hatred or criticism of him at all. He was so welcomed. Same black Americans. Why was he accepted but why wasn’t she accepted?

I know a couple of guys who are British black but they are very popular among men and women from all sorts of different races and nationalities.

When Donald T, a white guy, came here, so many protests were happening in the UK, even though he is white.

It’s easy to blame the skin colour as being discriminated against, but at the deep bottom, it is not the skin colour, but PERSONALITY, which is the energy people feel. Whether a person can be trusted or not, not messing around, not deceiving, safe or not, etc. that is the first thing people check each other, even without talking about it. It just comes as an impression and a vibration. People are not that stupid. People check others’ behaviours quietly and judge whether they can trust others or feel safe or not.

She said she didn’t get support from the Royal family but the Royal family said there was the same support available when Kate got married.

This just tells me that Meghan was not earning support. People would not give support unless they see ‘something’ there, quite often, especially even risking their positions. I assume there may be a part of Meghan puts off everyone else in the palace and maybe because of that, she didn’t get support. Just an assumption. However, everyone was welcoming her at the beginning, according to Harry. Again, it’s not skin colour, but can be a way or communication, and personality but Oprah didn’t ask any insightful questions to them to think about their own responsibilities on all the consequencies.

I’m not white but some people still like me but some others may not, but it may be because of my skin colour as racism or it could be a personality incompatibility, which I don’t care about. I go for a personality and the way of thinking, not for a skin-colour and the class.

I feel so sorry for the Queen but she also needed to experience this as a lesson for the entire royal family. They should have checked thoroughly taking time more than a year if Mehgan could follow the Royal protocol or not including culture difference, her ambitious mind, class difference, personality compatibility, etc. before she was accepted. Especially the birth chart tells a lot about the person.

She could have addressed issues more in a diplomatic way, not so confrontational by bringing and exposing them to the media. Private life should stay private, and she just keeps burning all the bridges.

At the end of the day, she needs to take responsibility as she chose to marry Harry within only a year before confirming she will be ok with the Royal protocol. Her own consequences are happening but she is not taking responsibility. My prediction was it would not work as she is not compatible with Kate, William and even Harry fundamentally from the birth charts, and more than that because of her own family relationship troubles.

I personally don’t want her into my family and friends’ network. She seems to be a trouble maker though she may not be. Harmony and respect for other family members are not there. I think Prince Harry needed to think twice as many of his friends didn’t get on well with her, which is a sign (depends on a friend), and he is the prince, not an ordinary guy. Wherever she goes with whomever, it would not work with her current consciousness. Hope they will learn and move on, then there will be no more dramas and PR from the US.

However they don’t like the Royal family, they should still be humble and appreciate as they received million pounds of funding and support their LA life from the Royal family without them doing any Royal duties. If the Kingdom cuts out the funding, how would the young couple live in a million-dollar mansion in LA? They should start learning how to make a living on their own without complaining at the same time receiving funds.

Their patterns seem to be
– based on fear and narcissism, and
– demand that things HAVE to be done for their favours.
– no good communication among the family, but bring up personal issues to the public
– if not working in their way, sue others to win the case.
– they need to sell their negative personal stories to the media to claim they are right.

…. where is love, communication and respect?

BTS is a South Korean K-pop group and they massively became popular over 10 years.
They are the first non-western band who reached the US billboard top more than once.

They started receiving training 10 years ago and lived together in a tiny apartment together for 3 years long. Sharing the space, sometimes arguing, but they are known they respect each other and treat well.

If you go to Youtube, there are so many videos posted about them, their life, off-stage lifestyle, etc. You can find so much laughter and they are entertaining. I didn’t get into any Korean entertainment before but they are funny.

7 different guys still young between 23-29 years old, of course, they are still growing, ambitious, and their wants and needs get conflicted each other, as a normal thing but the beauty is they get together and have a meeting every time when they have troubles and issues each other and resolve them.

I was surprised to see these Korean guys were crying and those videos were posted to the public. Korean culture is very famous as a very chauvinistic culture (from my view), and I didn’t expect it but the generation is changing, maybe. They don’t hide it and I kind of like it as men should cry too if they want!

So, they never accuse each other in public and media, and you can see they gel each other really well and you can feel it from their songs and dances. There are many humorous videos about them and how they are playful with each other and have fun in practices, travels, shooting, and even on the actual stage performances.

They are so open to talk about what they have gone through and put them into their lyrics as they think many other people probably go through similar situations and issues like them and encourage them.

They are very down to earth and I just found out you will get a lot of fan service if you go to their concerts. Various fun entertainments are there on site. BTS is famous they treat their fan really well, and it is not only for money-making.

What I sense from them are
– choose love, not ego, not fear, not competition, no narcissism.
– respect each other’s differences and love each other.
– they take care of themselves knowing their own limit.
– not pretending they are someone else like a celebrity. Very much they are who they are and down to earth.
– communicate among them and find a solution.
– they wear masks and care for others not to get contracted.
– help and support each other, especially other members’ weakness, not blame others.
– and more than anything else, they practised hard 12-16h a day and earned their success taking over 10 years.

You may think it is a cultural difference. Of course, there is a cultural and environmental difference. But the question is, what is more comfortable for you beyond skin colours and cultures?

If you choose someone to become friends, who will you choose?

We can even learn from that choice you make as it reflects your own important values.

How to improve your communication, relationships and life?
Have you ever thought about,
– If Mehgan was brought up by Korean parents in Korea?
– If BTS members were brought up by American parents in the US?

What changes may be possible?

Many of our personality and way of thinkings are shaped by how we were brought up and how we interpret it.

If you want to make a change in life, you can change yourself, not others, especially you can learn from the relationship with your parents.

For further information, you can have a look from here.
★Awaken Your Divinity Within Programme 1 – Secret Message from a Difficult Relationship with Your Parents Course | Galactic Federation Light Worker School (gfls.co.uk)

Have a good day.


★Jan Newsletter – Ascension Up Spiral – Authentic YOU. ‘Meghan-exit’ – Galactic and Starseed Awakening, Reiki for Ailment, Jan 24th Remote Galactic Session


How is your new year start treating you? 

I came back in London on 14th night and am still jetlagged, but it will be fine next week. It was a very busy time when I was in Japan and one of the major things was the ancestral healing trip to Shikoku island with my mother. We visited 8 temples within two days, about 400 km by bus. Below is one of the temple photos we visited. Monk was on the bus and we were chanting and praying on the bus and at all the temples. I felt my grandmother in spirit with us. It was a kind of thing she wanted to do when she was alive but she couldn’t due to the severe arteritis she had suffered over 20 years.

People attended this tour was senior people (except me, replacement of my father as he didn’t want to go), and it seemed they have their own reasons to attend this tour. One of the aims of this spiritual tour is to reduce your sins and you should be able to go to the heaven quicker after you die. They were in a sense getting ready for the day which is coming sometime.   

You never know when each one of us would be called back to the spirit world but till then, what we are supposed to do and promised with the God, as No. 1 principle, is to live your life till you dropped, with unspoken words, ”whatever happens in our life”.

So, what is ”whatever”? There are couple of things. 

Struggles Starseeds/Galactic Souls face as human. Live your authentic life 
Since we leave all our memories of pre-birth time usually, we don’t remember who we are and why we are here. If your mission is to bring the light to a certain family, community, people or country, you are quite often placed in a difficult family or country, etc. to bring the light and transform darkness. In this case, you may feel quite often, you don’t really fit into the society and feel different from other people. 

Other case is, you are here from other planet(s), but not to bring the light to people, but you need to work on yourself as you have done a lot of dark staff somewhere else and you were sent here to straighten yourself and acquire more of your light aspect. In this case, life is very tough too. 

There are many other scenarios but either way, it is not easy as you are on a certain mission and it can traumatise you emotionally and mentally.

One of my clients in Tokyo is a Starseed but she’s been distressed a lot as she does not feel she cannot fit into the society and she knows she is different from other people. In order to make a change, she regularly receives a session and tries to improve her life and her self. This time, Galactic commander Asthar came down and explained she is here to heal her wounds and rest as she had been heavily injured at the war in the universe when she was receiving the Deep healing 3 and he helped her to get healed. I felt a lot of deep compassion and she was really assured she can take time as long as she wants, no hurry. This is a beauty of the energy session. 

In Dec at the Ashtar event, he revealed one attendant’s purpose of life briefly, which gave a relief to the attendant from the distress. 

In order to live your life in an authentic way, sometimes you need to know who you are and why you are here to move on in life. I found my life purpose two years after I had started my spiritual journey, and it gave me a good deep trigger to make a shift in my life. However, I still had many blockages on the way and within me at that time to shift totally to the divine path.

Whatever your path is, you need to iron your way first to get there, otherwise, you cannot fulfil your life really. 

If you are attracted to the idea of Starseed or Galactic soul, have a look at the Galactic Awakening course. You can start anytime you want. 

Why Cancer? Usui Reiki for Ailments – for body, emotion and mind during the ascension process. 
Ascension is on the way, so the earth and humans are ascending step by step. But Ascension may not be easy for everyone as it means that we need to shed off old energies, beliefs, patterns, and have to restructure ourselves. Sometimes, the process can be very painful as it seems there is no choice. 

Since we are not a medical professional, this was not shared in public before. However, in our mystery school tradition, we understand that ascension brings more light, and accordingly, our energetic body needs to go with it and absorb the volume of light. If our energetic body stays dense and heavy, it cannot absorb the volume of light and becomes ill such as cancer. That’s why we are recommending people to receive the AK2 DNA Light Body Transformation and King Solomon Healing, as one of the reasons, and the Class 2 process to heal yourself is another reason as learning to become a self-psychotherapist (we have so much accumulated emotions to deal with. If you have a talking therapy to tackle these emotions, it would take forever to heal them completely). I cannot prove this dense-body-cause concept scientifically but this is what I was told during my energy healing  training. But I have experiences and am convinced related to this. I won’t accept things without experiencing them.  

Then how am I convinced as so? 

‘Dense and heavy energies’ are related to negative emotions, thoughts, karma, spells, curses, you name it. In the past, I treated someone who was diagnosed with a cancer. He came in a session, and I treated him with Reiki and Cord cutting and Reiki, simply, and it removed the karmic energy and more. He released the deep feeling of guilt which he had not been able to express in the past. It means he received more light into his energetic bodies. Later on, his medical check-up showed that his cancer stopped progressing. Maybe coincidence? Maybe. 

There are couple of other similar cases for terminal illness, so the concept may be true. Less densed, more light and less illness.  

Unfortunately we have loads of energies in many layers, and you need to work from the cause/root by transmuting them completely, so solving one simple issue of your life at the surface level is not really enough as you would repeat a pattern again in a different way with different people at a different occasion. 

I do Reiki healing to myself everyday as I know its beneficial. You can learn how to do self-reiki at the Reiki level 1 seminar or come and receive Reiki sessions privately. Remote and Face to face available. Our school offers you a lots hand on practical skill for you to become an own therapist and you can fix your issues and make a better sound decision. 

If you suffer from any mental or physical illness, have a look at our non-diluted Usui Reiki healing. 

‘Megxit’ and Brexit. 
We had a big news in Jan,  ‘Megxit’ as well as Brexit. There are lots of stories announced everyday about why the royal couple, Prince Harry and Meghan, decided to leave for Canada, but the key point is Meghan could not take whatever the things she did not like here and decided to go back to Canada (probably so,  just as one interpretation). 

Many of us do not have courage to ditch whatever the things are not working in life, suppress our feelings and pretend we can cope with it. It would lead to an anxiety disorder, depression or illness. It would not fulfil our lives if we do not allow us to live as our spirit wants us to do. You lose the passion and wonder without a sense of living. 

I went through my life-falling-apart process before my awakening in 2005 and started a restructuring from a scratch. 

If things are not working, you need to work on that by changing your behaviour, attitude, removing your own rules, etc. and give some time to work on that. However, if things are fundamentally not meant for you, whatever you do for months and years, it may not work out as ‘oil’ and ‘water’ would not be able to mix well. I did it for about 5 years, experienced a lot of heavy karmic energy, which had to be shredded off. I should have realized the path at the time was not meant to be, but didn’t know so I tried hard and hard, but in the end, it didn’t work and I burnt out literally. I learned many valuable lessons though heart-breaking pains I had gone through. 

You need to take time and see what you are selecting is really suitable for your future or not first and for most. If not, whatever it is not working after you are making a careful assessment and making efforts, it would be probably time to leave it and move on. In this sense, maybe Prince Harry was too much in a rush for his mate selection, whilst Prince William had about 6 years to select his future queen carefully and Kate had a good transition and fits well in the Royal protocol. It did not happen over night for her and she tried and adjusted herself well over years. She was not born as a princess and royal, but made efforts well. For her it looks like she is not after fame, money and personal ambition, but seems to have accepted to serve to the people in the UK as a Royal family member and keep a lovely family with Prince William.

For you, it can be about your partner, your job, your family, your friend, your business model, etc. Ultimately, it is your old pattern which is not serving for your highest good to get rid of.

If you are in a situation where you may probably have to move on, this year is the time to look at it and assess it. 

Energy works quicker. When I get stuck I do work on my psychology, but at the same time, on the energy as well. It is quicker to move on. Think  about receiving an energetic and psychological session to move on? 

Quantum Psychosomatic Emotion Detox Session
This quantum psychosomatic session works on you 360 degree (mind, emotions and body), including this life and past life. After detoxing, you will have time to restructure your energy. 
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