Open up your dormant True-Self, Your Power and Gifts, and fulfill your life with true happiness and joy.

Life may not be easy but “problems” are the seeds of your success and you can transform your life for better anytime you want.

Our integrated and proven methods work on all of your aspects; Mind, Body and Spirit. We will support you to move onto your next stage in your life through

– Adam Kadmon 2 DNA Activation & Healing
– 26+/40 DNA Activation
– Healing
– Hypnotherapy
– Psychic Reading, Channeling and Tarot Card Reading
– Stress Release and Relaxation
– Coaching
– Self Development Classes and Workshops
– Healer & Psychic Training
– And more.

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Galactic Federation Light Worker School- London
Founder and Teacher

Kei Nishimura