Open up your dormant True-Self, your power and gifts, and fulfill your life with true happiness and joy.

Life may not be easy but “problems” are the seeds of your success. It may not be easy to transform your life just by yourself, but you can utilize our support to transform your life for better anytime you want.

Our integrated and proven methods work on all of your aspects; Mind, Body, Spirit and Psychology. We will support you to move onto your next stage in your life.

If you are new to us … 
First thing we recommend you is the DNA Activation session which was tested and verified by King Solomon over 3000 years ago as the universal modality which works for everyone to awaken dormant gifts and power to maximize your potential.  Whatever the professions you do, this is the very first one. There are many similar products out there but ours has the King Solomon lineage and tested it unlike the new age modality.

Kei is a living testimonial as she does this energy work as her services to the humanity after changing her career from the professional finance and marketing field. She regards the DNA Activation is a must session at least once in your life time to transform your life. Kei didn’t know anything about the energy back in 2005, so she started receiving a training from new-age schools at the beginning and realized later there is a massive lineage, purity and connection authority issues after she had the exposure and trainings with mystery schools and the Galactic Federation.

In the energy field, authentic connection/lineage and purity is everything, nothing else.

How would you know what is right for you?

If you are resonating with us, you can come and see us.

Starting from the DNA Activation, and if you want to proceed, you can start any course including the Soul Awakening Course at your own pace. We have many clients they do receive sessions and classes regularly at their own pace over some years spreading out, and adding anything they want to learn on the way.

If you are new to us with a specific issue to solve … 
Some people send us long emails to explain about their issues on and on, but we don’t recommend it as we need to properly assess you during the booked session time. There is an extended explanation about each session on each web page for you and you can choose a session you like. If you are not sure, you can book a psychic consultation session or assessment session with us over the phone or Skype. Your information will be protected and treated as confidential. Any issues can be handled. 

Please note – some people look for solutions for dark energies as it is out there and sometimes you are troubled by it. We do not offer any heavy spirit release work to a total stranger so please book the first assessment and healing session from here after you read the details and agree. 

If you want to awaken your Star seed / Galactic energies as the first step … 
Kei channels the Galactic Federation and the Galactic Commander Asther and offers support for you to awaken your Galactic purpose and energies. For further details, please visit the Asther work.

If you are looking for a trainer or a mentor for  psychic development, psychic healing and awareness shift…
We have our integrated approach to offer. First and for most, your energy and psychology need to be shifted releasing lots of shadow aspects, healing wounds and aligning with the higher conscious energy, so we offer the courses combination of the skill training and private sessions for you to learn and grow. We don’t believe just 3 days’s skill learning course would change your vibration. If you would like to make a shift from the deeper cause within you and also learn all the skills, we are here for you. Available courses are

As the first step, you can visit our What’s on page  to attend our events and see how the energy is like for you in a group setting if you would like.

Please feel free to contact us.

Kei Nishimura

Galactic Federation Light Worker School- London
Founder and Teacher
MSc in Psychology