Cord Cutting

Emotional Cord Cutting in a Customized Healing
– Short session – £120 (50 min) – follow up session for people who received the standard session.
– Standard session – £180 (80 min)
– Combination with Standard 24+/26 DNA Activation – £240  (110 min)
– Combination with Ancestral Karma Cord Cutting- £180 (80 min)

While you communicate with people, you automatically exchange energy with each other. Good energy connection and exchange is healthy, but bad energy connections drain your energy through energetic emotional cords. This treatment will eliminate all negative emotional drain by cutting psychic and emotional cords, and regain your power for you to use, not for others. This session is highly recommended especially if you have finished a relationship or become redundant for you to regain peace of mind and energy.

Expected benefits:
– Helps you get over a relationship break up.
– Helps you unlock negative hooks from family members.
– Stops people draining your energy.
– Gives you a better chance for new relationships.
– Takes away some of the pain from the death of a loved one.
– Helps to make pregnancy loss easier to cope with.